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Important :
  • Les bêta versions, qui apparaissent entre deux versions stables, ne doivent pas être utilisées en navigation.
  • Débutant avec OpenCPN, passez directement à la lecture de la page  C_01_A_Installer_openCPN et des pages suivantes.

  • On trouve les versions bêta sur la page  :
    • Elles apparaissent, s'il y en a, en cours en dessous de la zone de téléchargement de la dernière version stable en cours.
    • Exemple avec la version 3.3.1006
  • Vous trouverez ci dessous :
    • les changements et corrections introduits dans les différentes versions 3.2.x, 3.1.xxxx, 3.3.xxxx et 4.0, et maintenant 4.1.xxxx, de la plus récente à la plus ancienne, de haut en bas pour Windows, Linux et Mac.
    • Les nouveautés et changements pour la nouvelle version pour Androïd.

Une page dans le site liste les évolutions d'OpenCPN :
Versions stables pour Windows, Linux et Mac
Version 4.4.0
Version 4.2
Version 4.0 Version 3.2.2
Version 3.0.2
Version 2.5
Version 2.1.0
Version 1.3.6
Et avant ?
Versions bêta en développement pour Windows, Linux et Mac.
Série 4.2.xxxx
Série 4.1.xxxx Série 3.3.xxxx
Versions pour Androïd
Série OA 4.1.xxxx
Version 4.4.0 (Pour Windows, Linux et Mac) :
Lien :

13 June, 2016

OpenCPN Version 4.4.0 Released

The OpenCPN Development Team is proud to announce the release of OpenCPN Version 4.4.0

This version is a feature upgrade and maintenance release of OpenCPN.

OpenCPN is a cross platform electronic navigation system (ECS) supporting a variety of cartography standards and hardware interface protocols. Versions are available for Linux, Windows, Macintosh, and ARM computer architectures.
Since widespread introduction in 2008, OpenCPN has gained a solid reputation.

OpenCPN is running on hardware from tiny Raspberry Pis with 4" screens up to networked workstations. Specific user scenarios and needs are easily accommodated by using the Plug-in architecture and the wide scope of user settings.
A responsive international user and developer community together with integrated documentation help make installation and use of OpenCPN a pleasure.

Some of the features of OpenCPN include

Quilted Raster(RNC) and Vector(ENC) digital chart display
Full compliant support for official vector charts in S-57/S-63 format and InlandENCs
Industry standard GPS receiver interfacing, with "moving map" on-screen vessel tracking
AIS receiver interfacing with configurable target safety monitoring
Integrated Route, Track, and Waypoint database, with industry standard Import/Export capabilities
Tide and Current prediction, with on-screen overlay of predicted data.
Broad International Language support
PlugIn architecture allowing on-going third-party functional enhancements

OpenCPN is released under the GPLV2 license. The executable program and its source code are available for immediate, free, and unlimited download from several public sources.

As a successor to OpenCPN Version 4.2, OpenCPN Version 4.4 contains many several features and enhanced functions.

Among them are:

..Support for GRIB V2 format files.
..Measurably improved performance and reliability over all supported platforms.

We hope you enjoy the new features of OpenCPN Version 4.4, and look forward to your continued feedback and support.

More information is available at

The OpenCPN Development Team
Dave Register, Lead Developer
Version 4.2.xxxx (pour Windows, Linux et Mac):
Fils à suivre :

Cette série de fils corresponds à une  évolution de la version 4.0 d'OpenCPN pour windows, Linux et Mac.
4.2.1724 :
4.2.1706 :

Evolutions annoncées : de 001 à 019,  dans la version 4.2.1706 du 06 mai 2016 :

20. Correct underway Route Properties Dialog ETA calculations (FS#2075)
21. Correct crash on some very large GRIB2 files.
22. Correct GRIB current direction value tracking error, off by 180 degrees.
23. Correct errors in track colour/width settings for OpenGL.
24. Correct GRIB wind barb pen width on openGL.
25. Correct GRIB overlay performance loss on OpenGL with large textures.
26. Correct quilt projection persistence on quilt mode toggle.
27. Correct keyboard focus return on linux systems (FS#1684)


I consider this Release to be a good Release Candidate.
This means that barring truly universal and/or egregious bugs, this will be the O4.2.2 production release.

Evolutions annoncées : de 001 à 019,  dans la version 4.2.1706 du 06 mai 2016 :

Source is available now on github at:
Branch: v4.2.2


1. Correct georef of non-WGS84 raster charts in DC mode. (FS#2054)
2. Correct fault in DC mode during repaint of empty route while being created.
3. Correct incompatible PlugIn dialog display logic.
4. Recognize and apply manual screen size configuration on startup.
5. Improve ConsoleCanvas active route mouse dynamics, and persist mode in config. (FS#1990)
6. Allow waypoint names longer than 6 characters by manual config file edit. Thanks adwuk....
7. Improve chart zoom detail level control behavior.
8. Correct action when starting route creation near existing waypoint (FS#2028)
9. Correct context menu when AIS targets are disabled. (FS#1811)
10. Implement support for GRIB V2.
11. Add ENC Object Query to AIS context menu when appropriate. (FS#1817)
12. Do not Alert on CPA incursion for AIS Base Stations (FS#1804) (FS#1749)
13. Correctly terminate/restart edited network connection (FS#2062)/(FS#1962)
14. Correct Waypoint Properties Dialog icon drop-down list height (FS#2000)
15. Correct Toolbar focus loss on some linux systems (FS#1889) (FS#1750)
16. Correct Mark Properties Dialog CMD-C key action (FS#1988)
17. Correct loss of UI focus after RoutePrintDialog end (FS#2069)
18. Improve date print format for Tide/Current window (FS#2070)
19. Correct toolbar icon logic for rapidly repeated left clicks. (FS#1991)


This Release is primarily a bug-fix/maintenance update.
Most of the issues addressed are discussed and described in the Flyspray Bug Tracker.

This is one new feature, however. The integrated GRIB PlugIn now supports GRIB V2 format files. This update enables some new sources for worldwide GRIB data from a variety of sources. Please exercise all of the GRIB features heavily.

Our main intent for this Beta series is to:
a) Validate the bug fixes described above.
b) Validate the new GRIB v2 functionality.
c) Watch carefully for unexpected regressions against OCPN V4.2.0

We plan to make one or two Beta test cycles, as necessary, and release this update as OpenCPN V4.2.2000 in about two weeks time.

Please check and clear your Flyspray tasks as appropriate.


Version  4.2 pour Windows, Linux et Mac :
Fil à suivre :

Texte de l'annonce sur le Cruisers Forum.


3 February, 2016. OpenCPN Version 4.2.0 Released

The OpenCPN Development Team is proud to announce the release of OpenCPN Version 4.2.0

This version is a feature upgrade and maintenance release of OpenCPN.

OpenCPN is a cross platform electronic navigation system (ECS) supporting a variety of cartography standards and hardware interface protocols. Versions are available for Linux, Windows, Macintosh, and ARM computer architectures.
Since widespread introduction in 2008, OpenCPN has gained a solid reputation.

OpenCPN is running on hardware from tiny Raspberry Pis with 4" screens up to networked workstations. Specific user scenarios and needs are easily accommodated by using the Plug-in architecture and the wide scope of user settings.
A responsive international user and developer community together with integrated documentation help make installation and use of OpenCPN a pleasure.

Some of the features of OpenCPN include

Quilted Raster(RNC) and Vector(ENC) digital chart display
Full compliant support for official vector charts in S-57/S-63 format and InlandENCs
Industry standard GPS receiver interfacing, with "moving map" on-screen vessel tracking
AIS receiver interfacing with configurable target safety monitoring
Integrated Route, Track, and Waypoint database, with industry standard Import/Export capabilities
Tide and Current prediction, with on-screen overlay of predicted data.
Broad International Language support
PlugIn architecture allowing on-going third-party functional enhancements

OpenCPN is released under the GPLV2 license. The executable program and its source code are available for immediate, free, and unlimited download from, and several other sources.

As a successor to OpenCPN Version 4.0, OpenCPN Version 4.2 contains many new features and enhanced functions.

Among them are:

..Increased performance in all modes, particularly when using OpenGL graphics acceleration.
..Integrated Chart Downloader PlugIn, allowing systematic tracking and donwload of latest online charts from several popular sources.
..Integrated World Magnetic Model (WMM) PlugIn, providing accuratley calculated magnetic variation worldwide.
..Major update to embedded Users Manual.
..Measurably improved performance and reliability over all supported platforms.

We hope you enjoy the new features of OpenCPN Version 4.2, and look forward to your continued feedback and support.

More information is available at
Version 4.1.xxxx pour Windows, Linux et Mac :
Compléments (plugin) disponibles :

Pour les versions 4.1.xxxx sur windows et linux, une évolution logicielle rends les anciennes versions des compléments (plugins ) complètement inutilisables.

Fils à suivre :

Cette série de fils corresponds à une  évolution de la version 4.0 d'OpenCPN pour windows, Linux et Mac.
4.1.1329 :
4.1.1317 :
4.1.1301 :
4.1.1108 :
4.1.1022 :
4.1.925 :
4.1.602 :

Evolutions annoncées : de 116 à 120,  dans la version 4.1.1329 du 29 Janvier 2016 :

OpenCPN Version 4.1.1329 Release Candidate(3) will soon be available for download from

Monitor the Downloads page to find and download the latest Beta version binaries.....

Source is available now on github at:
Branch: master


116. Implement SVG icons for GRIB control toolbar. Thanks, JP and Gilletarom
117. Implement scaled RoutePoint symbols in non-OpenGL mode.
118. Improve Routepoint dialog for scaled icons.
119. Allow GUI Scaled factor to reduce icon sizes for negative slider values.
120. Full documentation update. Thanks RGLeason and kb.

Release 4.1.1329(RC 3)

This is hopefully the final RC before release of O4.2.

Evolutions annoncées : de 106 à 115,  dans la version 4.1.1317 du 17 Janvier 2016 :

106. Correct Raster georef for KAPs without datum defined, e.g. "GD=" (#FS1928/2)
107. Correct Raster KAP georef outlines for non-WGS84 charts. (FS#1928/1)
108. Correct icon images for "empty" icon on MSW, OpenGL mode. (FS#1930)
109. Directly set some common options when no config file is present.
110. Enable localized translations for PlugIn Options panel when PlugIn is enabled. (FS#1942)
111. Reenable temporary <ALT> menubar access for post-XP Windows systems (FS#1923)
112. Implement PlugIn SVG toolbar icon support.
113. Correct inadvertent Toolbar submerge on Plugin activation. (FS#1938)
114. Allow setting GUI/Toolbar icon sizes and other graphic elements independent of Scaled Tablet Mode.
115. Correct to skip orphan mouse leftUp events, as when closing Dashboard panes.

There are many other minor changes in this Release, gleaned from the helpful comments in the Forum thread. Too numerous to itemize, but "you know what they are". Please speak up if your favorite bug/feature did not get resolved in this Release.

There will be one more chance for crowdin translation updates. I note that several popular languages have a relatively low completion score on crowdin. Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.

Evolutions annoncées : de 91 à 105,  dans la version 4.1.1301 du 01 Janvier 2016 :

91. Correct config file location for portable (-p) operation.
92. Fix uncompensated skewed chart display. (FS#1904) Thanks Chuck.
93. Correct cm93 quilt logic in OpenGL for some especially complex situations.
94. Correct rendering of disjoint, large scale S57 cells.
95. Implement mag variation calculation at object location if WMM is available.
96. Update Authors list, adding Didier Gautheron.
97. Correct Windows Generic GDI OpenGL driver initialization.
98. Improve DUSK/NIGHT color presentation by eliminating bright decorations.
99. Correct display of very long routes (FS#1896)
100. Implement scaled icons for Settings top icons in responsive mode.
101. Handle NMEA V4 messages with prepended tags.
102. Re-enable ability to add a single chart to a group.
103. Improve initial responsivness of Option dialog.
104. Modify OpenGL texture logic to support non-compliant MSW "GDI Generic" driver.
105. Implement ScaledVectorGraphics (SVG) interface for tools and icons.

This Beta is a Release Candidate. Only very minor changes are anticipated before the Production Release of O4.2.

Please check your favorite corner cases without mercy. Break it if you can. Submit crash reports if you find them.
Also, don't forget to have a look at the international translations provided generously by all the crowdin project members.

Finally, lets keep in mind always that there are many thousands of O4 users in the wild, and many will eventually upgrade to O4.2. We want no serious regression problems, and want the upgrade to be as smooth and intuitive as possible. So think like a relatively in-experienced user as you put this RC through its paces. Is it less satisfying in any way? Is any part of the User Experience a step backwards?

Evolutions annoncées : de 78 90,  dans la version 4.1.1108 du 08 novembre 2015 :

78. Add Follower/Buddy to MMSIEditDialog to suppress AIS alert.
79. Correct occasional loss of reduced toolbar on chart stack change. Thanks, Chuck.
80. Correct memory corruption on high overzoom DC mode raster chart rendering. (FS#1885)
81. Correct memory leaks on SENC file creation.
82. Improve AIS Alert Dialog sizing algorithm.
83. Suppress some unnecessary log error messages on exit.
84. Correct polyconic & transverse Mercator chart outline calculation method. (FS#1882)
85. Correct operation of Anchor Information hotkey ("A") in vector chart display. Thanks nkiesel...
86. In Responsive mode, set basic toolbar tool and compass size to 6 mm nominal.
87. Correct chartbar switching behavior on touch enabled configurations.
88. Re-enable install log on MSW Installer Package.
89. Correct toolbar submerge grabber logic in various cases. Thanks, chuck.
90. Refactor to allow building with USE_S57=OFF (FS#1903)

Release Notes:

We have corrected the Windows Crash Dump email problems apparent in the last Beta. Crash dumps may now be submitted for analysis upstream. I encourage you to add supporting information if able, so that we can quickly reproduce and correct the root cause of these occasional crashes.

Evolutions annoncées : de 63 à 77,  dans la version 4.1.1022 du 22 octobre 2015 :

63. Correct and extend Raster Chart PlugIn API for revised OpenGL access methods.
64. Correct active track rendering logic to Ownship.
65. Correct cm93 region and detail level calculation logic around Longitude 0.
66. Correct longitude grid text rendering on OpenGL.
67. Correct occasional loss of toolbar during mode switches and dialog access.
68. Improve sectored light rendering performance on Windows OpenGL systems.
69. Correct Vector chart PlugIn rendering methods.
70. Implement GUI scale factor for toolbar effective on all platforms.
71. If specified, require NMEA checksums to be valid before sending sentences to PlugIns.
72. Correct initialization of Polyconic charts without embedded georef coefficients (FS#1866)
73. Modify AIS SART target acknowledge timeout policy to honor global ACK timeout (FS#1856)
74. Correct AIS Target Query dialog sizing logic
75. Correct Grid text formatting for "degree" symbol (FS#1870)
76. Extend PlugIn API for Waypoint list access.
77. Correct Dashboard context menu actions when multiple dashboards are defined.

This is not an especially large list of fixes.
However, this is an important release in that in tightens up the PlugIn API and rendering engine to allow full support of chart-type PlugIns, such as BSB4, NVC, and S63.

It also address some performance regression problems observed earlier, and some cm93 compositor problems.

Please check your Flyspray tasks, and request closure if possible.

Finally, we are closing in on Feature Freeze for OpenCPN Version 4.2 Production Release. If you have persistently annoying bugs and/or Features that you relly feel like should be part of the next Release, please surface them in the Forum or Flyspray.

Evolutions annoncées : de 41 à 62,  dans la version 4.1.925 du 25 septembre 2015 :

41. Improve RouteManagerDialog sizing and rotation behavior. (FS#1757, FS#1755)
42. Correct DC mode HPGL vector symbol rendering with wxGraphicsContext active.
43. Correct quilt operations on highly zoomed skewed quilt regions.
44. Correct shutdown process to avoid accessing PlugIn chart orphans.
45. Correct AIS target age logic when DST is active (FS#1809).
46. Correct rotated clip region calculation when using depth-buffer clipping. (FS#1801)
47. Fix Grib Particle Looping (FS#1794)
48. Correct XML Changes file handling on crash restart and point dragging. (FS#1824, FS#1785)
49. Correct console canvas location for alternate compass layouts. (FS#1851)
50. Correct OpenGL options "accelerated panning" initial value.
51. Implement greatly improved mipmap generation algorithm using SSE intrinsics where available.
52. Improve cm93 zoom logic to show more detail where desired, especially small islands in a big sea.
53. Correct chart group logic for similar chart file location prefix. (FS#1060)
54. Improve OpenGL raster cache build time by optimizing progress dialog updating. Thanks, did-g.
55. Add filter string control to NMEA debug window. Thanks Sean.
56. Add support for mingw compiler on Windows.
57. Correct rendering of TSS arrows in DC mode (FS#1858)
58. Correct CenterView dialog text edit control behaviour on Windows (FS#1765)
59. Correct textual description for AIS Target Status 11 and 12 (FS#1848)
60. Correct waypoint icon selector dropdown size on MSW (FS#1815)
61. Correct initialization of UserIcons ownship preference. (FS#1769)
62. Improved support for accurate polyconic and Transverse Mercator projection rendering.

Lots of internal plumbing changes on this Release, to support enhanced performance and some new type/classes of PlugIns coming. I expect you will notice the performance improvements, especially in OpenGL mode.

Also please note the default inclusion of chart downloader and WMM PlugIns, courtesy of nohal. I find that once your chart directory structure is set up compatibly, the chart downloader is incredibly convenient. No reason to navigate with out-of-date NOAA charts anymore.

This Release makes a fairly good dent in the Flyspray task list for 4.1.x. Please check your tasks and request closure if satisfied.

Also, please think hard about the Production Release 4.2, which we plan for before end-of-year. Any particular features which you feel extra passionate about should be brought to the table now for consideration, while we have some runway left.

Evolutions annoncées : de 1 à 40,  dans la version 4.1.602 du 02 juin 2015 :

1. Implement configurable waypoint range rings (FS#1560)
2. Implement configurable NMEA Talker ID (FS#1557)
3. Harmonize autopilot APB and XTE precision settings to be the same always.
4. Improve 2-bells audio file. (FS#1673)
5. Correct to disable selectability of hidden AIS targets. (FS#1666)
6. Grib: Add Fixed spacing option for arrows and numbers.
7. Grib: Correct data interpolation error at 180 E/W longitude.
8. Grib: Improve email request dialog to allow requests crossing 180 E/W longitude.
9. Correct dialog text for magnetic variation sense. (FS#1694)
10. Add extended AIS Aton rendering according to IEC6228_Ed2.
11. Make initial page selection on options dialog more consistent in GTK.
12. Correct ENC UWTROC, OBSTRN,WRECKS visibility in Base and Standard modes. (FS#1717)
13. Correct uninitialized member causing crash on DSC message with incorrect checksum(FS#1697)
14. Correct to ignore DSC messages with "Unspecified" position (FS#1711)
15. Correct VERCCL and VERCOP height decode and rendering on ENCs (FS#1704) Thanks TransmitterDan
16. Correct to ignore invisible marks on selection/query (FS#1670)
17. Correct keyboard accelerator logic for WXOSX (FS#1698/1655)
18. Correct RouteProperties dialog to "Stay on top" for WXOSX build (FS#1698)
19. Correct help launcher on wxWidgets 3.x. (FS#1702)
20. Correct uninitialized variables (FS#1679)
21. Correct for "GD=" missing datum in KAP chart header. (FS#1683)
22. Correct depth unit display for BSB charts with KNP/...UN=METRIC (FS#1654)
23. Correct cm93 failure to show some soundings on keyboard pan (FS#1689)
24. Correct automatic route creation properties on MOB event (FS#1699)
25. Improve toolbar tooltip placement for right-located toolbar. (FS#1657)
26. Correct datum initialization for quilted non-WGS84 charts in OpenGL mode. (FS#????)
27. Correct occasional linux focus loss (FS#1684)
28. Preserve visibility attributes for GPX files originating from OpenCPN (FS#1667)
29. Improve formatting of S57 object attributes as decoded (FS#1713)
30. Correct ENC SENC file creation math for ARMHF systems.
31. Implement quilting of skewed raster charts in OpenGL mode.
32. Implement manual/timed automatic toolbar hiding option.
33. Update Windows build tool to VS2103
34. Update Windows wxWidgets version to wx3.0.2
35. Implement automatic reload of updated PlugIns by visiting options->Plugins screen.
36. Improve GUI for GRIB PlugIn, better fitting the small screen.
37. Correct duplicate routepoint delete logic, (FS#1743)
38. Correct for inadvertent waypoint dragging on double-click (FS#1748)
39. Correct route line width in selected and activated modes. (FS#1735)
40. Correct ownship predictor rendering when ownship is off-screen (FS#1754)


This rather large change list represents the major percentage of the outstanding Flyspray tasks against O4.
There are also a few functional improvements, to wit:

31. Quilting for skewed raster charts in OpenGL mode is now standard behaviour.
34. Update wxWidgets to version 3.02, for increased performance and stability.
36. Improved GUI for GRIB overlays. For more, see
xx. Extended PlugIn API enabling some new PlugIn concepts under developement and to be seen shortly.

We are aiming to release OCPN 4.2 sometime in late summer. We should consider this Release to be a "maintenance" Release, with a few new features for spice. As such, our Beta test program should focus on regression testing of your favorite stress tests and daily use cases.

Please check and clear your Flysray tasks. Probably some will be so old that they will have been forgotten by the originator, but please try. I will manually clear the leftovers in a couple of weeks if we hear no further problems.

I have opened a new Flyspray tracker Project for OCPN 4.1.x Beta series. Please use this tracker for new issues found on the OCPN mainline beta release for PC. The Android Beta series has its own tracker....


Version pour Androïd :
Fils à suivre :

Cette série de fils corresponds à la création de la nouvelle version utilisable sous Androïd , dont la première version stable est accessible par le lien ci dessous :

V1.0.8  :
V1.0.6 :
V1.0.5 :
V1.0.4 : 
V1.0.3 :

V1.0 :

4.1.909 :
4.1.818 :
4.1.718 :
4.1.412 :
4.1.409 :

V1.0.8 ========================================
1.0.8 Changelog:

1.  Add Dashboard PlugIn to default set.

1. To activate the Dashboard, go to Expert Settings->PlugIns.

2.  You may position the dashboard as desired by single finger dragging on the Dashboard window.

2.  Android does not support the standard desktop PC window resize method of dragging the window corner. 
Also, "pinch" gesture resizing is not practical when there are both horizontal and vertical dimensions to adjust.  So we have implemented a private method to resize the Dashboard.  Long-touch on the Dashboard, select "Resize...", and the drag anywhere on the Dashboard to resize it.  Down and to the right increases the size.  Up and to the left decreases the size.  You will quickly get the hang of it.
V 1.0.6 ========================================

OpenCPN for Android Beta Test 1.0.6 is ready for download and test.

Here is the download/install link:

1.0.6 Changelog:--------------------------

1.  Correct UserIcons loading logic.
2.  Enable accelerated OpenGL operation with smaller FBO on low memory spec devices.
3.  Extend ChartGroups sub-menu timeout period.
4.  Correct potential fault on high zoom/large object cm93, especially on Samsung S6.
5.  Correct initial "Welcome" message display on some Lenovo devices.

1.  This Beta is recommended for those experiencing problems with the current Production Release, particularly as noted in the Changelog.  There are no significant Feature enhancements.

2.  This Beta test will install without any modifications to your current configuration and chart setup.

3.  Assuming no problems are found, this Beta will be promoted to Production status after a few days of testing.

V1.05 : ===================================
Le texte original est proposé ci dessous, en traduction automatique"
Eh bien, nous sommes de retour!

Toutes les questions administratives et de licence avec Google Play Store semblent être résolues.

Il se trouve que le Play Store stratégie de licence est en effet recommandé, selon Google, incompatible avec la GPLv2. Ils ne disent pas exactement ce n'importe où dans les termes, et leurs commentaires / soutien est très vague. Mais qui est le signal cryptique que je suis de leur équipe de soutien.

Je pense que ce sujet est discutable.

Mais Google est propriétaire du magasin, donc dans ce cas leur interprétation emporte sur toute autre. Ainsi je l'ai enlevé le Play Store Licensing contrôles de OpenCPN pour Android.

Il n'y avait pas de problème avec l'application nommer collision comme je l'ai d'abord pensé. Juste une coïncidence de calendrier suspect.
Ainsi, le nom de l'application est maintenant OpenCPN nouveau. Espérons que les icônes seront révisées éviter toute confusion de l'utilisateur.

OpenCPN pour la version Android 1.0.5 est disponible à l'achat et / ou de mise à niveau sur le Google Play Store.

Version 1.0.5 inclut les modifications suivantes:

1. Suppression de tous les Google Jeu de contrôles de licence de magasin. Cela a été fait afin d'éviter toute question persistante de la conformité des licences GPLv2.

2. Détendez-vous et modifier les autorisations de l'appareil et les exigences de fonctionnalité, de sorte que OpenCPN pour Android peut être utilisé sur les appareils WiFi seule qui ne peut pas contenir un récepteur GPS.

Je suis heureux d'être de retour, et impatient de pouvoir apporter des améliorations et des mises à jour continues que nous avançons. Restez à l'écoute!
Fin de cette traduction automatique !

V1.04 : ===================================

OpenCPN for Android Beta version 1.0.4 is now published.  If you are enrolled in the Beta program, you will get an automatic upgrade on your enabled device(s) shortly.

This Beta does two things:

1.  Correct GPS position acquisition on some Asus Transformer tablets.
2.  Correct initialization failure for some Euro locale devices.

I expect to promote this Beta to Production Release after a few days.

V1.03 : ===================================
OpenCPN for Android Beta Version 1.0.3 is available for download and test.

The way the OpenCPN for Android Beta process works is this:

1.  Beta versions are posted on the Google Play Store under what is known as "open Beta test".
This means that any existing OpenCPN user may download the Beta as an inline upgrade to their current installation.  The download link is not shown on the Google Play Store main page.  The link will be provided on this Forum as new Beta code is posted.

2.  After some testing, with comments and feedback here, the Beta may be replaced with a sequentially later version number.  An updated notice and download link will be posted here.

3.  Ultimately, the current Beta will be promoted to Release status.  It will be visible as the current available version on Play Store.  It is the version that will be downloaded by new users, and as current user upgrade if desired.

4.  It is our plan to make small, easily tested changes on the Beta versions.  There will likely be numerous Beta cycles. This is to accomplish two things:
a.  Reduce the risk of breakage of existing code.
b.  Isolate changes, so that specific features/bugs may be identified as ready for release, or not, as the case may be.

So, having said all that, the Beta Version 1.0.3 is intended to resolve two specific issues:

1.  Failure to start on some devices, especially Lenovo YOGA Tablet.
2.  GPS position lock failure, seen on some devices/chipsets.

If neither of these issues concern you, you may wish to skip this Beta.  Of course, we appreciate all feedback, so if interested in following along as OpenCPN for Android evolves, please feel free to download the Beta and beat it with a stick.

Evolutions annoncées : de 45 à 51,  dans la version 4.1.909 du 09 septembre 2015 :

45. Implement Google Maps integration
46. Integrate World Magnetic Model (WMM) PlugIn
47. Move data storage to {/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.opencpn.opencpn/files}
48. Implement Fullscreen (immersive) mode.
49. Implement mouse wheel zooming.
50. Implement standard OCPN help files.
51. Many and varied UI tweaks for small devices.

Release Notes:

You will probably do best to un-install any previous Beta before installing this one. Your private OCPN data (navobj.xml, custom icons, etc.) will be deleted in this process, so please save any critical data safely before proceeding.

45. Google Maps is sure fun, but sure eats up bandwidth.... Access by the OCPN Android Basic menu.

46. The World Magnetic Model PlugIn gives the user Magnetic Variation automatically. By default, the live toolbar icon is disabled. Be assured that the PlugIn is working away in the background, however. The live toolbar feedback may be re-enabled by Expert Settings->Plugins->WMM Preferences.

47. Once more we move the app data storage location, to conform to Android design rules, and hopefully remain compatible with Google's future versions. I think that this is the last move. Due to the nature of Android/linux symbolic link behaviour on different platforms, you may find it necessary to poke around a bit to find your logfile, config file, etc. You may always look at the OCPN help tool to get a direct readout of the locations.

48. This may be viewed as a "partial" immersive Fullscreen mode. We retain the OCPN Action Bar, because we need it to fully operate OCPN, and to exit FullsScreen mode when desired. Swipe from the top or bottom screen edge to temporarily show the Android navigation and status bars.

49. Please try your mice, either BT or OTG cabled flavor.

50. I have integrated the standard OCPN help file set, graphics and all. Some is of course not relevent to Android, but most is. It does make the APK significantly larger.

51. Some of the Expert Settings dialogs were tweaked. Also Route/Track/Waypoint properties dialogs.

Evolutions annoncées : de 38 à 44,  dans la version 4.1.818 du 18 aout 2015 :

38. Implement sound support, as per OCPN desktop.
39. Improve Bluetooth connection state machine reliability.
40. Various platform specific display problems resolved.
41. Various Dialog layouts improved.
42. Chart Downloader PlugIn is integrated and available.
43. Adjust Action Bar layout to eliminate persistent MOB icon.
44. Minimize default expert toolbar icon layout.

Release Notes:

The focus here is more tweaking and refinement of the UI.
Also, some platform specific display and operational bugs have been addressed.

The bigger news is the inclusion of Pavel's chart downloader PlugIn in OA.
Please exercise this feature aggressively. It is important to the new-user experience that this works, and works well. You will find it under Expert Settings->Charts.

There are still troubles with some platforms on file access permissions, especially with recent Android releases. Android security policies are generally the culprit. OA runs in clean user-space, and can do nothing beyond that which the system O/S will allow. Sometimes even rooting of the device is ineffective at fully opening the file system to user-space applications.

And then there are the seemingly arbitrary naming differences for accessible file system locations, differing by device and memory card configuration. OA uses the generic Android recommended methods to identify these locations, which is supposed to eliminate the platform dependencies at the application level. But sometimes they don't produce the expected results.

Specifically, when it comes to interfaces like GPS import/export and chart file locations, you may find that some experimentation may be necessary on your device to find some directory paths that will work reliably. OA does no filtering on this type of path specification, but simply passes your selection on to the underlying O/S. So if your selection does not work, try to find one that does, and let us know the details.

All this is not exactly an OA "problem" per-se. We could simply blame the device manufacturer, or the Google API. However, this is not exactly a satisfying response to frustrated users. But that is what we have to work with. Ultimately, we do need to develop some knowledge base of what works on which devices, and what does not, as we go forward.

FWIW, I have always found a workable solution on each of my zoo members, so I think it can always be configured to work properly with a little bit of thought.

Evolutions annoncées : de 33 à 37,  dans la version 4.1.718 du 18 juillet 2015 :

The 4.1.718 Beta Test release of OpenCPN for Android is available for download now.

33. Correct small scale ownship position rendering
34. Improve StatusBar font and size selection logic.
35. Improve Tide/Current detailed display dialog layout.
36. Correct Vector chart symbol rendering to avoid display fading on certain devices.
37. Various display and useability improvements.

Release Beta 4.1.718

Release Notes:

There is very little new functionality in this Beta.
The intent is to further stabilize the GUI, and improve the general "daily drivability" of the app.

Consequently, I would like testers to be fussy, and even compulsive, about the useability of this release. Any "unexpected" UI events are worthy of mention, please. Especially hangs or crashes....

We are nearing the point of "Feature Freeze" for OA 4.2, so if there is some Feature that you can't live without, now would be a good time to mention it.

Please check and clear your Flyspray tasks for the OA Beta, if possible. I will unilaterally clear some older issues that are known to have been resolved in previous Betas, if you don't mind.

Thanks in advance for all your valuable feedback.
Good luck

Evolutions annoncées : de 1 à 7,  dans la version 4.1.412 du 12 avril 2015 :

Hello testers.

The 4.1.412 Alpha test release of OpenCPN for Android is available for download now.

1. Disable drag and drop on file and directory chooser dialogs.
2. Enable text rendering for vector charts.
3. Correct for unexpectedly long NMEA string from embedded GPS receiver.
4. Disable route leg info popups in touch mode.
5. Enable gl Display sizes greater than 2048 pixels.
6. Enable S57 ENC chart types.
7. Statically enable OpenGL for all android platforms.

1. Still having some trouble with display vertical size for certain versions of android. If you have interference between the OCPN chart bar and the android menu/back button area at the bottom of the screen, please let me know. Include your android version number please.

2. Measure function text does not work. We need some work on text display, yet....

3. Route leg popups on route creation and mouse rollover are permanently disabled for touch devices. Similarly for AIS targets. There is no equivalent concept for "rollover" or "mouse tracking" functions in a pure touch environment. Modern Web page design practices have had to adjust to this reality, also.
We may be able to re-introduce the route leg info boxes on route/waypoint drag operations, tbd.

4. A note on performance: If you are seeing what you think is poor performance, please note and respond with your device's total RAM capacity.
512 MB is really not enough for a fun user experience. 1 GB is OK, more is better.
Also, if you find a slow scenario, please give us as much specific detail as you can on the location, scale, chart type, etc. so that we may all try it and compare numbers. Don't forget to note the "cm93 detail level" value in options->charts->Vector charts. This makes a big difference for cm93 chart performance.

Annonce de la sortie de la première version alpha d'openCPN pour Androïd, 4.1.109 du 9 avril 2015 :

 Ahoy 'droids....

The initial Alpha test release of OpenCPN for Android is available for download now.    ----> Lien volontairement retiré suivre à découverte d'un bug très important.

The .apk is about 19MB in size.

Release Notes:

1. The object of this Release is to validate the basic operation across the widest possible variety of platforms. There are plenty of known bugs, and lots of design issues remaining, so we should not consider this Release suitable for daily use. But it should install and run on virtually any Android phone or tablet.

2. Best performance will be seen on relatively modern devices with at least 1 GB of RAM, although it will run on 512MB devices. I am mostly testing on a 1 GB smart phone.

3. Charts: Charts are loaded installed in OCPN from internal device storage, or external SDCard. The actual location of the chart directories changes from device to device, depending on the android version, and some other mysterious factors. A typical location is /mnt/sdcard, but you may find that the SDCard is at /mnt/extsd.

4. Logfile: The logfile is re-initialized at each program startup, to make it a bit easier to see what has just transpired. You will want to get and install some sort of file browser/viewer to look at the logfile occasionally. There are many choices at the Play store... The logfile will be at /mnt/sdcard/.opencpn/opencpn.log

5. GPS, etc. There are three choices for positioning data, all found in options->connections->Add Connection.
a) Internal GPS, if your device supports it. You must enable the GPS in the device "Settings" dialog before starting O. Of course, most devices do not have a very good GPS antenna, so GPS signal reception will be poor indoors or down below. I find this not very useful....

b) Bluetooth, if available on your device. If there is a Bluetooth GPS receiver within range of your device, you may pair with it and get location support in this way. Please discover and pair with the GPS receiver before starting O.

c) Wifi. If you have a local Wifi router/AP which is somehow supporting UDP/TCP NMEA service, you may connect to that source for NEMA data. This is the only practical way of getting multiplexed AIS data into O on android. It is what I use for testing.

6. User Interface. This Alpha Release is essentially "standard" OCPN adapted minimally for android. There are clearly some things in the UI that need adjusting for the limited screen real estate available on small devices. Further, there are some tools and menu options that make no sense on a tightly constrained mobile device at all, e.g. "Print tool". But I have not made any of these types of changes yet, and expect some vigorous discussion about these points as we proceed. Bring it on...

The Plan:
I plan to run a standard Alpha/Beta test series on O for android, hosted on this Forum. It will take a while to get through all of the issues that will arise relative to cross platform support, and the UI design issues will require some extensive iteration.

Ultimately, when ready for Release, I will offer OCPN for android on the Google Play store in order to reach the broadest possible user base. There will be a nominal fee charged for the download.

I look forward to the lively discussion about O on android, and thank you in advance for your patience in installing and testing this beast.



Version 4.0 pour Windows, Linux et MAC :
Texte de l'annonce sur le Cruisers forum :

8 January, 2015

The OpenCPN Development Team is proud to announce the release of OpenCPN Version 4.0.
OpenCPN Version 4.0 is available for immediate download.

This version is a major feature upgrade and maintenance release of OpenCPN.

OpenCPN is a cross platform electronic navigation system (ECS) supporting a variety of cartography standards and hardware interface protocols. Versions are available for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh computer architectures.

Since widespread introduction in 2008, OpenCPN has gained a solid reputation.
OpenCPN version 3.x has been downloaded more than 400,000 times.

OpenCPN is running on hardware from tiny Raspberry Pis with 4" screens up to networked workstations. The adaption to specific user scenarios and needs is easily achieved by using the Plug-in architecture and the wide scope of user settings.

A responsive international user and developer community together with an up-to-date and complete documentation are warrants to make installation and use of OpenCPN a pleasure.

Some features of OpenCPN include:
- Quilted Raster(RNC) and Vector(ENC) digital chart display
- Full compliant support for official vector charts in S-57/S-63 format and InlandENCs
- Industry standard GPS receiver interfacing, with "moving map" on-screen vessel tracking.
- AIS receiver interfacing with configurable target safety monitoring
- Integrated Route, Track, and Waypoint database, with industry standard Import/Export capabilities
- Tide and Current prediction, with on-screen overlay of predicted data.
- Broad International Language support
- PlugIn architecture allowing on-going third-party functional enhancements.

OpenCPN is released under the GPLV2 license. The executable program and its source code are available for immediate, free, and unlimited download from

As a successor to OpenCPN Version 3.2, OpenCPN Version 4.0 contains many new features and enhanced functions.
Among them are:

- Increased performance in all modes, particularly when using OpenGL graphics acceleration.

- Additional network interface methods, including TCP/IP client/server and UDP broadcast.

- Support for multiple data source instances, including
Filtering and prioritization of messages
Output of NMEA data streams for real-time integration into ship systems

- Improved support for Mac OS X systems, including 64 bit native support.

- Integrated Tablet/Touch screen support.

- AIS Personal Locater Beacon (PLB) configuration and tracking.

- Enhanced AIS target tracking modes.

- GRIB PlugIn feature additions.
Graphical GRIB email request generation.
Moving particle wind overlay.
Enhanced GRIB data type support.

- Dashboard PlugIn feature additions.
More selectable instruments.

- Several new and updated Plug-ins, including
Digital Radar overlay for popular radar scanners
World Magnetic Model variation compensator
Climatology analysis
Dynamic route planning
Integrated logbook
Realtime datastream capture, record and playback
Google Earth integration
Weatherfax overlay
Vector chart object and feature search tool
S63 Encrypted vector chart support

- Major update to embedded Users Manual.

- Measurably improved performance and reliability over all supported platforms.

We hope you enjoy the new features of OpenCPN Version 4.0, and look forward to your continued feedback.

Download OpenCPN Version 4.0 at

OpenCPN |

To get the complete insight about OpenCPN, for PlugIns and other useful information, visit our support website at
OpenCPN | Official OpenCPN Homepage

Discussions, questions and feature requests you will find here:

OpenCPN - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

The OpenCPN Development Team
Dave Register, Lead Developer
Versions bêta de la série 3.3.xxxx :
Versions 3.3.xxxx :
Fils à suivre :

3.3.2503 :
3.3.2430 :
3.3.2424 :
3.3.2410 :
3.3.2330 :
3.3.2302 :
3.3.2302 :
3.3.2222 :
3.3.2118 :
3.3.2107 :
3.3.1931 :
3.3.1824 :
3.3.1731 :
3.3.1606 :
3.3.1419 :
3.3.1328 :
3.3.1303 :
3.3.1117 :
3.3.1006 :
3.3. 814 :
3.3. 719 :
3.3. 604 :

Evolutions annoncées : de 456 à 4464,  dans la version 3.3.2503 du 03 janvier 2015 :

457. Correct error on Windows CrashReport directory creation.
458. Implement config option to disable AIS Name Caching.
459. Add .KAP chart datum aliases for some commonly seen legacy charts.
460. Correct ZoomToCursor behavior using toolbar zoom tools.
461. Allow unrecognised chart datums, with Warning messages in log and info box.
462. Add "Exit OpenCPN" to Menubar (FS#1638)
463. Implement Ctrl, (Options) on MSW, Implement F9 (Quilt toggle) on MSW and GTK.
464. Correct failure to show new MOB symbol immediately with OpenGL.

Evolutions annoncées : de 449 à 456,  dans la version 3.3.2430 du 30 décembre 2014 :

449. Correct skewed chart/course-up mode ViewPort angle calculation.
450. Improve Options dialog layout regarding Transparent toolbar and Play Shipsbells.
451. On AZERTY (French) keyboard, suppress "_" key for zoom out, accept "-" for same.
452. Disable "[]\" chart rotation keys unless enabled by hidden config entry
453. Add "WGS_84" and "WGS-84" as aliases to "WGS84" chart datum.
454. Correct physical display size logic for rotatable devices.
455. Update embedded documentation. Thanks cagney
456. Disable automatic sending of Windows CrashReports, except by config option.

Release Notes:
This is the first Release Candidate of O4.
What that means is that this image, with one simple change to the displayed version number, becomes the actual OCPN 4.0 Release article.
It is an important milestone. We may elect to defer minor changes in appearance and wording from this point on, in the interest of stability.

Significant updates here include:
1. Major update to the embedded documentation. Many, many thanks to Thomas (cagney) for pulling extra duty over a busy Xmas season.
2. All final international translations included.
3. Automatic Windows Crash Report email is disabled, but may be enabled by the user in the config file:


Crash Reports are saved in the OpenCPN config directory, i.e. where the log file is stored now. End users may occasionally be asked privately to send these reports to a designated recipient.

Reason for change: My mail server for capturing CrashReports will be overwhelmed if we get a systematic crash scenario in the field. If this scenario happens, we will handle it as a special case.

Evolutions annoncées : de 424 à 448,  dans la version 3.3.2424 du 24 décembre 2014 :

424. Correct logic fault when batch compressing OpenGL textures with no raster charts available.
425. Correct occasional error in scaled vector soundings rendering, non-GL mode.
426. Correct occasional smoothzoom wheel action stall.
427. Improve OpenGL Options dialog. Thanks sean
428. Implement Options setting for display size to accurately calculate onscreen scale.
429. Add Toggle FullScreen item to context menu if in FullScreen mode.
430. Correct quilt mode toggle/restart persistence.
431. Correct OpenGL Page printing to eliminate "Abort..." dialog. (FS#1607)
432. Correct translatable string "Dialog", two places. (FS#1618)
433. Correct iENC quilt composition (FS#1561)
434. Implement four new Navionics non-standard S57 compatible objects.
435. --Cancelled
436. Correct persistent chart quilting logic (FS#1628)
437. Correct Edition Date (ED) calculation for some BSB .KAP charts. (FS#1590)
438. Implement on-screen selectable OpenGL frame rate (FPS) display.
439. Enable []\ keys on AZERTY keyboard for canvas rotation.
440. Prevent loading BSB charts with invalid or unspecified positioning datum.
441. Improve Options dialog load speed by deferring PlugIn detection until selected.
442. Correct OpenGL symbol rendering when using and FBO without nPOT capabilities.
443. On GPX file input, change default waypoint icon bitmap to circle. (FS#1627)
444. Correct NMEA route/waypoint output format for Furuno GP3x series.(FS#1632)
445. Correct ALT-TAB navigation action on Windows. (FS#1633)
446. Provide user warning when ENC update chain is incomplete (FS#1406)
447. Correct AIS Target and S57 Object query dialog colors on GTK.
448. Correct ShipsBells implementation for Mac.

Evolutions annoncées : de 409 à 423,  dans la version 3.3.2410 du 11 décembre 2014 :

409. Implement selectable overzoom emphasis and vector chart scaling (FS#1591)
410. Correct occasional error in Lights, Text, and Soundings toggle for vector charts.
411. Implement graphical mouse selectable GRIB region request in GRIB_PI. Thanks, JP
412. Correct a variety of persistent and shutdown memory leaks.
413. Correct erroneous "Found Garmin USB..." log entry on Windows.
414. Refine the AIS target track persistency to allow saving the track for as long as the user decides.
415. Correct OpenGL cm93 single chart mode chart outline rendering logic. (FS#1601)
416. Harmonize toolbar and menubar labels, toggle states, and tooltips. (FS#1588)
417. Improve Track deletion performance. Thanks Pavel
418. Correctly update display on AIS target detection in OpenGL mode. (FS#1602)
419. Correct Chart Print function under OpenGL (FS#1607)
420. Correct LIGHTS and Anchor detail toggle when in Mariners Standard Mode (FS#1608)
421. Improve Menubar labels for manually rotated chart display. Reset rotation on load.
422. Correct initial size of MarkProp Dialog, adapting to canvas size. (FS#1613)
423. Correct fault on applying changeset for route deletion. (FS#1610)

Release Notes:

409. In the sage words of a fellow tester: "YOU CAN TURN IT OFF"
414. Pavel, we could all use a tutorial on this Feature (AIS target track persistence).

I left a couple of issues unresolved in Flyspray, since they will take some effort to reproduce and/or correct. They are important, and next on my list.
But I wanted to get on with testing after correcting some serious bugs in cm93 rendering and Win7 stability.

Also, last call for nagging little issues. Don't be shy, bring them up.
And, probably very close to last call for crowdin translations. I think the UI is complete.
Thanks to Pavel for helping to move this internationalization process along.

Evolutions annoncées : de 392 à 408,  dans la version 3.3.2330 du 30 novembre 2014 :

392. Correct menubar actions on Windows and Gtk, especially F11 fullscreen toggle
393. Correct Route PlanSpeed initial value.
394. Correct Windows default font size algorithm
395. Toogle course/north up mode by clicking on the compass/GPS status window (FS#1223 and FS#1319).
396. Allow user to set individual waypoint arrival radius. (FS#1565)
397. Correct multi-line S57 National text string formatting (FS#1581)
398. Implement AIS target MMSI->Name caching file scheme (FS#1246) Thank JohnBoiles
399. Improve Default font sizing algorithm.
400. Obfuscate OpenGL compressed raster chart file names for improved data security.
401. Defer initial dialog on blacklisted PlugIn load attempt. (FS#1579)
402. Convert menubar text "Preferences" to "Options" for other than Mac OSX platforms
403. Introduce revised Options dialogs layout.
404. Correct International font specification loading and scrubbing (FS#1583)
405. Implement blur and undersample effect for excess overzoom on vector charts.
406. Improve Responsive mode font selection logic.
407. Add FullScreen toggle to chart context menu in Touch mode.
408. Implement selectable persistent AIS target track (FS#257)

Release 3.3.2330

Release Notes:
400. New raster chart texture cache file naming scheme means that any existing raster cache files are invalid, and will be recreated at runtime. You may notice performance degradation until your cache is re-populated.

403. Options dialog update. This is a big one. Many thanks to Caesar for initiating this update, and following through with the fiddly details. Please consider the new labels and legends carefully. This is the best time to improve the clarity of the user interface, and we can all contribute to make it as intuitive as possible.

405. New screen treatment for extreme overzoom scales. This does two things: a) for all charts, blur the image slightly at overzoom greater than factor 10. b) For vector charts, enlarge artificially the line features of the chart cell to further indicate the imprecision of chart feature geograhical location at high overzoom. This emulates in some way the effect of high overzoom on a small scale raster chart.

I am expecting only one or two more Betas before the official Release of OCPN 4.0.
Now is the time to make sure any nagging issues you may have that have been overlooked somehow, are brought to the front and addressed. This especially applies to stuff that did not make it onto the Flyspray system, for whatever reason. There are a lot of things that zoom by in the Forum that I don't catch....

Evolutions annoncées : de 372 à 391,  dans la version 3.3.2316 du 16 novembre 2014 :
372. Add Magnetic COG instrument to dashboard PlugIn Thanks jongough.
373. Correct .geo chart type bitmap verification algorithm.
375. Add variable prcision to $xxAPB NMEA message output. Thanks jongough
376. Implement $xxXTE NMEA message output capability. Thanks, jongeogh
377. Improve UI responsiveness while GRIB particle display is active.
378. Check for and correct inappropriate projection longitude for Transverse Mercator charts (FS#1513)
379. Use system default font as OCPN default font on fresh install startup. (FS#1545)
380. Initialize ownship state to INVALID on startup (FS#1562)
381. Add user selectable menu bar. Thanks, Caesar.
382. Add context menu item to "Zero XTE" when following a route. (FS#1563) Thanks jongeogh.
383. Correct missing RoutePoint icon logic (FS#1453)
384. Correct locale setting logic if is not available. (FS#1559)
385. Correct OpenGL keyboard pan rendering logic while hilight is enabled (FS#1570)
386. Correct OpenGL setup for Parallels virtual machine on Mac host (FS#1566)
387. Make OS X "Hide" command work correctly (FS# )
388. Correct missing chart selector bar on some configurations
389. Implement display "fogging" on excessive Overzoom
390. Add wx2.8-i18n default wxWidgets translation package to Debian package dependencies
391. Enable temporary toggling of menu bar using Alt

Release 3.3.2316

Release Notes:
389. This is a "fogging" effect on excessive overzoom. It is a linear fade, starting at OZ=10, and the chart detail is almost completely gone when OZ=30. The screen assumes the blue color of the GSHHS background chart. Zooming can continue for all (now very faint) chart types up until the onscreen scale is about 1/600, depending upon latitude for mercator charts. At 1/600, 2 metres (best GPS accuracy) is about 3 mm, or 1/4 inch.
Evolutions annoncées : de 359 à 371,  dans la version 3.3.2302 de novembre 2014 :
359. Allow multi data type selection in GRIB PlugIn (FS#1550)
360. Correct regression fault producing long startup time with large navobj.xml (FS#1554)
361. Implement simplified overlapped I/O system for Windows serial ports.
362. Correct fault in options->ship->MMSI Properties "Edit" dialog.
363. Allow truly empty chart group creation and selection.
364. Correct tide/current database location validation logic to allow arbitrary path.
365. Correct wording of MMSI Properties option "Handle this MMSI as SART/PLB MOB." (FS#1549)
366. Improve Options->Display->OpenGL Options default control enable settings.
367. Implement simple chart detail level slider control in Options->UserInterface (FS#1547)
368. Correct ENC display shortcut keys for A(nchor) and L(ights) (FS#1368)
369. Improve JumpToPosition() logic for large scale changes.
370. Migrate Mac build to latest wxWidgets 3.0.2, with backport of critical bug fixes. (FS#1551), (FS#1546)
371. Install and utilize for standard messages (FS#1553)

Release 3.3.2302
Release Notes:
361, This is a major re-factor of the serial port plumbing under Windows, with some impact on other platforms. I hope it will greatly improve the reliability of seial comms, and handle transients like sleep/suspend and accidental USB dongle disconnect. Test it hard, please.

363. You may want an empty chart group to look at small scale GRIBS, especially if you do not use cm93.

367. This is new. This slider changes the behaviour of OCPN as regards switching to a larger scale base chart on zoom in quilt mode. Negative numbers means that switching occurs later, that is, with more zoom-in. Positive number mean the opposite. "Zero" is the default, as current behaviour. You may want negative numbers if you have a very high pixel count display, or a slow processor. Positive numbers may be good for low resolution display and/or high performance processor. Check out the FS#1547 for more discussion.
I don't quite like the wording of this slider in the settings dialog. "Chart Zoom Detail Level" does not quite capture the idea for me. Suggestions?
Also, we will soon need to heavily reorganize the options dialog screens. Too cluttered, and scattered concepts at this point. So the "..Detail.." slider will be moved.

Evolutions annoncées : de 336 à 358,  dans la version 3.3.2222 d'octobre 2014 :

336. Improve Usericons loading logic to allow proper Icon substitution (FS#1453)
337. Correct Windows shutdown logic after Routepoint Properties dialog. (FS#1489)
338. Restore cm93 overzoom limit.
339. Correct config file key for OwnshipHDTPredictorMiles.
340. Correct for half-hour time zones (FS#1219)
341. Implement S57 Special Attribute value (0x7f) as "Deleted Attribute" (FS#1432)
342. Correct AIS target sorting by stripping leading whitespace from target name.
343. Implement AIS MMSI Special Properties logic (FS#802)
344. Implement improved chart manipulation control while creating route in Touch screen Mode (FS#1471)
345. Disable Windows Raster chart compression if processor does not support SSE2 instruction set.
346. Correct PlugIn toolbar visibility setting logic.
347. Correct font setting logic for some dialogs.
348. Make wxFileDialog parent-less, to avoid possible orphaning. (FS#1515)
349. GRIB: Implement support for "earth" style particle display of Wind and current values. Thanks Sean.
350. Correct rendering of skewed polyconic raster charts (FS#1532)
351. Correct occasional chart info window display error. (FS#1500)
352. Correct Tide/Current station selectable point logic (FS#1473)
353. Correct Tide/Current selection logic in Touch/Tablet mode. (FS#1473)
354. Correct calculated bearing for due North course from 360 to 000. (FS#1539)
355. Correct font selection logic for Chart Groups sub-menu (FS#1516)
356. Work around Mac OpenGL raster rendering error (FS#1541)
357. Suppress chart outline and piano bar rendering for PlugIn charts when PlugIn is disabled.
358. Correct Route->Addpoint length calculation after undo (FS#1540)

Release Notes:

343. This Feature Request allows one to pre-designate a specific MMSI number for special handling. The choices should be intuitive. Of particular note is the idea that one can preset the MMSI numbers of onboard Personal Locator Beacons, so that a MOB from your ownship will be signalled immediately.

349. "Earth-style" particle rendering for GRIB wind and current data. Very cool. Enable in the GRIB settings dialog, option "Particles".

350. Skewed polyconic charts near US Great lakes will require database rebuild.

Evolutions annoncées : de 322 à 335,  dans la version 3.3.2118 de septembre 2014 :

322. Correct cm93 and isolated raster chart quilt overzoom capability.
323. Correct some line priority rendering logic for DC (no OpenGL) mode vector charts.
324. Disable OpenGL VBO for all Intel OpenGL graphics drivers on Windows. Sorry....
325. Correct Track tool behaviour. (FS#1434)
326. Disable OpenGL FBO for Intel Mobile platform on Windows. Sorry, again...
327. Improve zoom algorithm to allow overzoom on all chart types.
328. Correct Complex Line (e.g.RECTRK) priority calculation.
329. Implement timed wait for smooth shutdown of raster compression threads.
330. Correct S57 OBJNAM attribute decoding in lexical level 1 (iso8859-1) (FS#1464)
331. Correct touch interface point selection/dragging logic (FS#1452).
332. Correct "Preserve scale" option behaviour.
333. Correct rounding of waypoint lat/lon on NMEA upload..
334. Re-enable default OpenCPN Frame menu on Mac OsX for wxWidgets 3.x
335. Improve AISTargetList to avoid blank entries and increase performance.

Release 3.3.2118

324/326 Intel integrated graphics processors have a hard time with some OpenGL functions.

Evolutions annoncées : de 310 à 321,  dans la version 3.3.2107 d'aout 2014 :

310. Correct Raster chart rendering on MSW for all window widths.
311. Correct some ENC chart quilt overlap difficulties (FS#1399)
312. Implement parametric LOD reduction in SENC files by Douglas-Peucker algorithm
313. Implement revised SENC file format (V123) for reduced SENC file size & improved performance.
314. Implement extended Heading line rendering.
315. Improve touch mode route creation and measurement screen dynamics. Thanks jp
316. Correct screen dialog messages on NMEA Route/Waypoint uploads.
317. Various S57 ENC performance improvements.
318. Improve Track carryover logic, (FS#1444)
319. Improve verification of OpenGL FBO capability. (FS#1479)
320. Increase waypoint per sentence count for Furuno GPS route upload.
321. Adjust serial port timing and synchronization logic on Windows.

Release 3.3.2107

More reliability enhancements, and a substantial upgrade to vector chart rendering performance, especially for NOAA S57 series.
Simplified OpenGL Raster texture options, with "OpenGL Expert" mode available by config file edit.

Evolutions annoncées : de 295 à 309,  dans la version 3.3.1931 de juillet 2014 :

OpenCPN Version 3.3 Beta Build 1931 will soon be available for download from

Monitor the Downloads page to find and download the latest Beta version binaries.....

Source is available now on github at:
Branch: master

295. Correct MSW Debug build error
296. Relax MSW chart canvas MOD4 width requirement.
297. Improve GPSGate Buddy message formatting.
298. Establish soft memory limit for linux systems as 50% of available RAM
299. Correct S57 Object Pick region setup for OpenGL.
300. Correct and improve NMEA route and waypoint data upload logic.
301. Implement Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) support for OpenGL vector chart AREA objects.
302. Improve OpenGL texture compression/caching logic.
303. Implement OpenGL ENC special character display.
304. Correct manual "Move Boat Here" tracking. FS#1434
305. Correct 0-360 sectored light display. FS#1437
306. Correct Route Reverse Cancel option. FS#1436
307. Correct inadvertent overwrite of SENCFileLocation in config file. FS#1408
308. Improve Touch screen interface user dynamics.
309. Update translations.

Release 3.3.1931

300. Furuno and Garmin users take note.
302. The big thing here is the option to rebuild and flush OpenGL Raster Texture Caches.

Otherwise, doesn't look like a very big list.
But there are many, many small bug fixes and performance enhancements which together will hopefully improve the day-to-day useability and reliability of this Beta Release.

We are getting pretty close to a Releaseable feature set. The Devs will now be looking at some of the more popular Feature Requests for inclusion into the final Production Release. Stay tuned.

Please check and clear your Flyspray issues, if possible

Thanks, and good luck

Evolutions annoncées : de 273 à 294,  dans la version 3.3.1824 de juin 2014 :

273. Improve cm93 chart scale selection logic to preclude overzoom where possible.
274. Correct fault on Mac, AISTargetListDialog "Close" button
275. Implement user icons with transparent background for OpenGL
276. Correct vector chart outline colour.
277. Correct AIS CPA alarm acknowledge behavior when not using ACK timeouts.
278. Correct for very high CPU load factor on OpenGL systems.
279. Improve AIS target list sorting logic for large target counts. (FS#1176)
280. Add "Wd" to S57 NATSUR lookup list (FS#1379)
281. Validate and correct Tide/Current data source on OCPN version upgrade
282. Improve Zoom-to-Cursor dynamics (FS#1414)
283. Correct rendering of "degree" symbol in OpenGL Texture Fonts (FS#1419)
284. Correct font identifier string duplication in non-en_US locales.
285. Correct Track Split logic (FS#1410)
286. Improve/Correct Windows "Dialog" font sizing logic.
287. Improve Windows Tide station time table layout.
288. Correct quilt layout on chart group change.
289. Correct default track width rendering in OpenGL. (FS#1424)
290. Refactor OpenGL raster chart caching logic.
291. Improve RouteProperties dialog layout.
292. Enable Menu font size changes for Windows platforms.
293. Enable font size/face changes for S57 Object Query dialogs
294. Apply Font style changes to persistent dialogs without restart.


290. This is the major update for this Beta.
Texture caching of Raster charts has been substantially updated. Here are the details.
a. When enabled, the texture cache is created dynamically, as charts are visting in normal navigation. Depending on your OpenGL hardware capabilities, there may be some slight but noticable delay as a chart is accessed the very first time while the textures are created, compressed, and written to disk. Once a particular chart section has been cached, subsequent accesses are very fast. If the OpenGL hardware texture buffer is capable, then rendering on-screen is virtually instantaneous.
b. The cache understands color scheme changes. Cache entries are automatically created for each of the 4 possible BSB color schemes, as they are encountered in normal operation.
c. The cache understands chart Edition Dates. So, if one manually updates a chart (thus changing the chart's Edition Date), the old cache contents will be discarded, and a new cache will be built automatically as the new chart(s) are visited.
d. Using compressed texture caching retains all the benefits described earlier. It is very much faster on low spec hardware, at the expense of more disk space usage.
e. There is really no pressing need ever to manually create a texture cache of the full chart database. The previous texture cache rebuild on chart database rebuild has been eliminated.
f. But if you insist, there is a command line option which will build/update your compressed texture cache.
Your may execute opencpn like this: opencpn /rebuild_gl_raster_cache (-rebuild_gl_raster_cache on linux)
This may be fun to watch the mileage and rectangle counters click up, but is not a particularly good stress test, as there is only ever one chart open at a time, and it is carefully purged after the cache file is complete. But if you have nothing better to do, have fun.

I thank Sean for the basic concepts and code that are used in this evolution. We build upon each other...

There are several issues that came up in FLyspray, and on the Forum thread, which have not been addressed in this Beta. It was judged most important to stabilize the OpenGL display and GUI elements as soon as practical, and then carry forward with the less pervasive details on the next and subsequent Beta tests. Rest assurred that we are hearing your bug reports, and all will be addressed before a Production Release.

A point about bug reporting, please. If you report a bug that you suspect may be related to the new OpenGL enhancements, we need to know all about your OpenGL environment in order to diagnose the trouble. As a minimum, we need to see the OpenGL relevant lines from your logfile. They will look like this:

12:42:42 EDT: OpenGL-> Renderer String: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Q35 x86/MMX/SSE2
12:42:42 EDT: OpenGL-> Detected Intel renderer, disabling stencil buffer
12:42:42 EDT: OpenGL-> Texture rectangle format: de1
12:42:42 EDT: OpenGL-> Using Framebuffer Objects
12:42:42 EDT: OpenGL-> FBO Stencil buffer unavailable
12:42:42 EDT: OpenGL-> Using Depth buffer clipping
12:42:42 EDT: OpenGL-> Using 3dfx fxt1 compression
12:42:42 EDT: OpenGL-> Compressed tile size: 128kb (6:1)

Evolutions annoncées : de 243 à 272,  dans la version 3.3.1731 de mai 2014 :

243. Purge and fully reload charts on OpenGL state change. Corrects occasional cm93 grey screen.
244. Correct chart outline colour to GREEN for all vector charts except cm93
245. Set Options->Connection->NMEA Input form correctly to Serial or Network
246. Add "(UTC)" marker to AIS target dialog ETA field.
247. Correct Info.plist CFBundleIdentifier string to "org.opencpn"
248. Decouple touch screen and responsive graphics interfaces.
249. Improve rolling navobj backup strategy to preserve unchanged files.
250. Correct magnetic variation correction logic for $xxAPB output sentence.
251. Improve StackUp/Down (F7/F8) chart selection logic. (FS#1374)
252. Correct fault drawing chart information objects (FS#1380)
253. Implement texture-based OpenGL text rendering. Sean
254. Enable font selection entry "Dialog" for international language.
255. Implement Size-Responsive Track Properties Dialog.
256. Correct default dialog font size to 10 pt.
257. Correct Route Properties dialog cancel/close behaviour (FS#1262)
258. Fix WPT properties dialog shrinking after adding a hyperlink (FS #1381)
259. Fix Route properties dialog values reset while deleting a route point (FS #1382)
260. Correct Routepoint Properties layout on Windows (FS#1385)
261. Correct TCP data connections logic to allow messages without checksum, Pavel
262. Fix waypoint properties propagation into route properties dialog (FS#1386)
263. Correct GRIB colored overlays display in OpenGL mode. Ptizef
264. Correct S57 Extended light sector draw logic.
265. Correct Waypoint property dialog editing for overlayed hyperlinks (FS#1385 continued)
266. Correct toolbar orientation toggle issue with journeyman styles. Thanks ChuckSK
267. Correct to allow current arrow (value) font selection.
268. Correct for Skewed Transverse Mercator Raster charts (FS#1391)
269. Correct AIS Target Query dialog "Create Waypoint" button behaviour (FS#1378)
270. Accommodate non-UT8 encodings of ENC supplementary TXT files (FS#1405)
271. Fully merge OpenGL Optimum code. Thanks Sean
272. Update connections TCP/UDP implementation to allow bidirectional TCP data streams. Thanks Muttnik


A lot of stuff here.
The main topic is, of course, the merge of Sean's Optimum OpenGL code branch into the mainline. Most of the changes are in the nature of "plumbing", and users should see nothing different except a marked improvement in performance for machines capable of high speed OpenGL graphics.

There are some new options settings to consider. In "options->OpenGL", you may make some elections:
a. Accelerated panning: Enabled if your graphics card supports Frame Buffer Objects.
b. Texture compression: If enabled and selected, greatly improves the speed of raster chart display. It works by treating raster charts as compressed textures instead of bitmaps, and these textures are loaded and displayed much more efficiently by the graphics hardware. They also consume much less GPU memory space, typically showing 6:1 memory compression ratios.
c. Texture compression caching: A further improvement to raster chart display loading and panning. This option uses the system hard drive to store precalculated raster chart compressed images in a way that is optimized for direct loading into the graphics card. Precalculating of the images happens automatically when you visit options->charts, and either add a new directory, or force a database scan or rebuild. Please note that a full rebuild of the texture cache for a large set of raster (.KAP) charts may take many hours of processing time, depending upon the speed of your computer. Fortunately, we have two things to help us here. First, the charts are processed, compressed, and cached in order based upon the distance from the chart center to the current ownship GPS position. A progress dialog shows the state of the compression operation, and the distance from your ownship position to the center of the chart being processed. Second, the user may "skip" the caching process at any time. This will be helpful if you just want to make a few compressed cache texture images near your location right now, and defer the balance of texture processing until you have the time and power to leave the computer running undisturbed for some time.

The net effect of full OpenGL optimization on raster charts with compatible hardware is nothing short of amazing. I think you will like it, especially with lo-spec, lo-power systems.

Kudos to Sean.

Other stuff:

248. The touch screen UI and Responsive UI options are now separate.
Touch UI is self-explanatory. There are some subtle changes in the way some operations work, especially in Route and Waypoint creation/dragging. Users with modern touch tablets may experiment and discover. Feedback appreciated on this.
The Responsive UI option is intended for small (~8") tablets with high definition displays. What it does is adjust the various graphic elements such as menus, icons, etc. so that they meet the best-practice size standards for Win8/Android system displays. This makes them "big enough" to facilitate touching, dragging, etc with normal human fingers. You should not see much difference when selecting this option for normal desktop or laptop systems.

I expect a relatively large number of regression-type issues with this Beta, simply due to the large number of changes made to the core codebase. That's OK, because we get a greatly improved application at the end, and it will all be worth the trouble. So, please keep the faith as you test and find little grumpkins. We'll find and correct them all, with your help.

Evolutions annoncées : de 214 à 242,  dans la version 3.3.1606 d'avril 2014 :

214. Improve GRIB user interface (FS#1240)
215. Correct NMEA MDA sentence checksum calculation.
216. Correct Dashboard wind speed history logic to use MWD sentence
217. Correct wind and baro history graphics for linux systems.
218. Improve GRIB Pi performance and memory footprint.
219. Grib PI: Correct wind direction arrows in course-up mode.
220. Correct TCPA format (FS1289)
221. Correct metres abbreviation to "m" (FS#1336)
222. Correct double click object query behaviour for PlugIn raster charts. (FS#1341)
223. Improve S52 symbolization of ESSA/PSSA
224. Correct OpenGL GRIB OVerlay y-axis orientation.
225. Add GRIB support for altitude parameter display. Ptizef..
226. Correct chart bar item colour to GREEN for PlugIn Vector charts.
227. Modify vector record ID data type (hash key) to unsigned int. (FS#1343)
228. Improve error/warning reporting for ENC SENC building (FS#1343)
229. Correct S57 ENC processing of UTF-16 data fields. (FS#1343)
230. Correct "Center View" logic for skewed charts.
231. Improve PlugIn blacklist detection and reporting.
232. Improve GRIB user interface and colour schemes.
233. Correct behaviour of ">" symbol in Route Properties dialog (FS#1262)
234. Correct for duplicate shared waypoints on route import.
235. Implement layer delete confirmation dialog (FS#1357)
236. Improve TCP server datastream loss-of-client responsiveness.
237. Correct AIS target list and query display for named base stations (FS#1359)
238. Improve error messages for Garmin GPS upload failure due to no device present.
239. Enable current vector value display when chart scale is small (FS#1275)
240. Improve Route time/distance display algorithm for routes starting "Now" (FS#1262)
241. Initial implementation of Touch/Tablet UI
242. Improve item count report and logging on layer import. (FS#1363)

Release 3.3.1606

Release Notes:

242: This is a first cut on a Touchscreen/Tablet user interface. The idea here is to have one checkbox in options->Display to enable this mode, and thus avoid lots of fussy user configurable items for individual behaviors/actions. In other words, just "do the right thing" when enabled for Tablet/Touch systems.

The code was tested on an 8" Windows 8.1 tablet, in both portrait and landscape display orientations.

The changes include the following:

1. Increase toolbar icon size.
2. Increase context menu text item size.
3. Increase selectable item sizes for several common dialogs.
4. Optimize several common dialogs for screen rotation, i.e. landscape or portrait.
5. Touch stuff:
a. Route Create workflow: "Done" by clicking toolbar "Route" icon, or normal context menu.
b. Toolbar navigation items (e.g. Zoom/Scale) are available during route creation.
c. Chart drag (a.k.a. swipe) is available during route creation.
d. Routepoint/Waypoint edit by drag is supported.
e. Increase pixel select radius, to allow for finger tip selection of routes/waypoints.
f. Single-click behavior:
-Does not ever move chart.
-Selects Waypoint for subsequent dragging
-Shows popup info for Routes and AIS targets.
-Shows Tide/Current dialog.
g. Move chart by drag/swipe.
h. There is no notion of "rollover" in Touch/Tablet mode.

There are some dialogs that have not yet been adjusted for font size, so they is on the TODO list.

The UI is a bit different when using a mouse in Touch/Tablet mode, but still useable I think. This would not be a normal mode of use, unless maybe you have a Bluetooth mouse to use occasionally with your tablet.

I don't consider this Beta to be the last word on the subject of Touch interfacing. There is a lot to consider and learn here. I welcome detailed comments on this new interface mode.

Please review your Flyspray tasks. If a Task is marked "Implemented in Current Beta", that means that I think the issue is resolved. If you agree, please request a task closure. If you disagree, please leave a comment in the task item thread to further describe the task variance.

Evolutions annoncées : de 197 à 213 dans la version 3.3.1419 de février 2014 :
197. Correct AIS Msg9 (SAR Aircraft) rendering and query.
Icon (FS#1282)
COG vector (FS#1284)
Name (FS#1287)
Query re-format (FS#1289) (FS#1283) (FS#1288) (FS#1290)
Target LIst details. (FS#1286)(FS#1285)

198. Correct build errors for No-OpenGL build environment.
199. Fix magnetic heading display computation and setting persistency.
200. Correct S57 UTF-16 National text string conversion. (FS#1300)
201. Correct S57 "Leading light" sector display (FS#1315)
202. Correct sorting of "Trk" column in AIS target list (FS#1304)
203. Correct Sydney, Australia time zone constants. (FS#1298)
204. Improve Chart Group internal logic coherency checks
205. Correct parameter tracking logic in GRIB PlugIn (FS#1307)
206. Dashboard, implement WMM_PI JSON message decoding for Mag Variation input. (FS#1310)
207. Implement No-OpenGL cm93 chart rendering.
208. Add DC validity checking to s52plib::RenderHPGL()
209. Several improvements to GRIB UI (FS#1143) (FS#1311) (FS#1306)
210. Implement Barometric history from MDA sentence field 3,4 in Dashboard.
211. Correct Z-level visibility of some dialogs on Mac ( ImportGPX)
212. Correct Route Reverse Routepoint rename dialog to allow cancellation of reverse operation.
213. Add xdg-utils to recommended linux support packages.
Evolutions annoncées : de 180 à 196 dans la version 3.3.1328 de janvier 2014 :
180. Correct ENC object query fault when d-clicking outside chart bounds.
181. Further improve ENC quilt dynamics (FS#1221)
182. Improve AIS Msg9 (SAR Aircraft) rendering and query.
Icon (FS#1282)
COG vector (FS#1284)
Name (FS#1287)
Query re-format (FS#1289) (FS#1283) (FS#1288) (FS#1290)
Target LIst details. (FS#1286)(FS#1285)
183. Omit retrieval of initial chart directory set from registry in portable mode.
184. Correct Z-level visibility of some dialogs on Mac (Send to GPS, ExportGPX)
185. In GRIB PlugIn, add GribTable.cpp to pot source list.
186. Correct Garmin GPS Route Upload for Windows. (FS#1211)
187. Correct Chart error notation when using internal georef override. (FS#1265)
188. Correct S57 object query attribute units for VALACM and VALMAG (FS#1295)
189. Add more temporary debug messages to Windows Serial port error handler.
190. Close and remove orphan network datastreams on address/port modification and Apply (FS#1281)
191. Reintroduce track properties timezone selection. (FS#1294)
192. Set Route/Track properties timezone display default to LocalPC time. (FS#1262)
193. Add buttons for Show/Hide all tracks to AIS target list dialog.
194. Correctly remove context menu item "Weather Table" on GRIB dialog close.
195. Improve AIS per-target tracking control (FS#909)
196. In Dashboard, implement barometric pressure from MDA sentence field 3,4

Release Notes:

Although it does not seem like a very big list, this Beta Release accomplishes 2 significant things:
1. Correct/implement all (or most) of the outstanding Flyspray bug reports related to 3.3.1303
2. Improve support of PlugIn Vector charts, in preparation for the next test of s63 PlugIn.

Once we get this code base stable, we will be able to tackle some of the oustanding Feature Requests on tap for the next Production Release.

Special note for Bluetooth users having trouble. #189 above will allow us to better understand why BT is failing on some Windows platforms. If you have previously had BT trouble, please try again with this Beta, and note log comments associated with Datastream operations.
Evolutions annoncées : de 160 à 179 dans la version 3.3.1303 de janvier 2014 :
Beta 3.3.1303 released 2014-01-03.

160. Correct misc translation strings.
161. Correct for improperly coded PP parameter in some BSB charts (FS#1251)
162. Correct for missing COG in NMEA VTG message (FS#1243)
163. Correct cross-platform Printf formatting of size_t item.
164. Reduce minimum sector light display from 0.5 degrees to 0.3 degrees. (FS#1271)
165. Improve ENC quilt dynamics (FS#1221)
166. Add "Center/Zoom" and "Weather Table" functions to GRIB (FS#1231, FS#1234) Thanks Prizef
167. Correct RouteProperties dialog deprature time shortcut key ">" behaviour. (FS#1262)
168. Correct AIS SART logic to not alert on simple SART test. (FS#1245)
169. Correct Mac MessageBox Z-order as child of dialog.
170. Correctly render GRIBs in Course-Up mode (FS#1227)
171. Add missing functions to PlugIn API 1.11 (FS#1254)
172. Improve BSB chart georef evaluation (FS#1265)
173. Implement AIS message 9, Special Position Report (FS#1273)
174. Correct S-57 NATF attribute extraction logic (FS#1256)
175. Implement PlugIn API 1.11 Vector Chart support.
176. Correct exported function spelling error (FS#1280)
177. Correct rountint() function definition for Mac (FS#1278)
178. Establish minimum chart text font display size (FS#1218)
179. Implement UDP Multicast receiver support for Datastreams.

Release Notes:

This Beta Release accomplishes 3 things:
1. Correct/implement all (or most) of the outstanding Flyspray bug reports related to 3.3.1117
2. Correct a documented crash fault in 3.3.1117 GRIG PlugIn.
3. Prepare the OpenCPN internal plumbing for the coming S63 Chart PlugIn.

Evolutions annoncées : de 1 à 159 depuis la version 3.3.604 de juin 2013  jusqu'à la version 3.3.11117 de novembre 2013 :

Beta 3.3.1117 released 2013-11-17.

126. Correct crash fault on Windows system after loading faulty OpenGL drivers.
127. Correct fault on deleting route/track while shown in Properties dialog.
128. Correct PlugIn Toolbar icon management. (FS#1174)
129. Correct startup option "-fullscreen" behavior. (FS#1180)
130. Improve PlugIn Blacklist detection logic.
131. Correct True/Mag/Variation calculation algorithm. (FS#1173) Thanks, Thomas. (cagney)
132. Correctly update RM Dialog on track properties change (FS#1171)
133. Correct Routepoint Move/undo logic when Properties dialog is active (FS#1174)
134. Correct some untranslated strings (FS#1162)
135. Improve GRIB PlugIn UI in several ways. Thanks JP (ptizef)
136. Correct cm93 user cell offset algorithm for cell center latitude. (FS#1170)
137. Correct dialog behavior on RouteManager->Waypoint->Add
138. Improve S57 ENC SENC file build progress dialog dynamics.
139. Correct GRIB PlugIn string translation access method.
140. Modify CMake environment to allow build without OpenGL.
141. Remove broken wxLANGUAGE_ARABIC_UAE languge selection.(FS#512)
142. Correct for inaccurate BSB SK=x header parameter in some BSB charts. (FS#1042)
Requires chart database rebuild.
143. Correct AIS Rollover window logic for close targets onscreen (FS#1175)
144. Implement auto timeout for some MessageBox dialogs. (FS#1189)
145. Correct Timed Popup window behavior on F6 (Dimmer) (FS#1183)
146. Correct Waypoint visibility setting in navobj file. (FS#1190)
147. Change Z-order of ChartInfoWindow and Thumbnail under OpenGL (FS#1194)
148. Correct to allow AIS target query for MMSI=0 (FS#1193)
149. Improve Options->PlugIns panel wheel scroll rate. (FS#1208)
150. Correctly process some S57 ENC text encodings, esp. ISO8859-1 (FS#1210)
151. Minor improvements to GRIB PlugIn.
152. Correct occasional fault on SENC file creation, Windows. (FS#1213)
153. Improve vector chart depth formatting for units = "feet"
154. Add conditional correction to GRIB PlugIn for wxWidgets 2.9 API changes.(FS#1216)
155. Correct various Mac build issues with timed message dialog (FS#1202)
156. Implement yellow shading of ownship UserIcon for charts of low accuracy (FS#1116)
157. Correct symbolization of S52 rotated flare light, unspecified colour. (FS#1198)
158. Modify AIS query results for AtoN to indicate Real/Virtual status. (FS#1212)
159. Various improvements to GRIB PlugIn...Ptizef

Beta 3.3.1006 released 2013-10-06
95. Implement configurable Waypoint arrival circle radius, Options->Ships->Ownship (FS#1046)(FS#1085)
96. Correct depth unit for BSB charts with UN=Meter (FS#1061)
97. Correct for potential crash on wheel zoom before app is fully initialized.
98. Correct algorithm for subordinate station time offset decoding in Binary TCD files. (FS#1098)
99. Improve PlugIn tool icon management to avoid occasional crash.
100. Various performance improvements in quilting and OpenGL rendering.
101. Correct crash on Track Properties List, Right Click.
102. Correct crash on tide harmonic index file extension specified as lower case "idx".
103. Improve processing of National Texts in S57 ENCs.
104. Improve performance of Layer Delete function.
105. Implement selectable Magnetic course/bearing display mode. (FS#1025)
106. Implement PlugIn BlackList,to permanently disallow known faulty PlugIns (Pavel)
107. Implement AIS Target selectable tracks. (FS#909) Pavel
108. Improve Options->Connections port management to avoid unnecessary closing and re-opening of streams.
109. On Windows, perform simple test of OpenGL functionality before enabling globally.
110. Implement command line option ("-fullscreen") to start OpenCPN in Full Screen mode.
111. Corrected some missing translatable strings.
112. Correct Bluetooth (Windows) port initialization timing (FS#1006)
113. Always render ownship as yellow when chart accuracy is known to be low. (FS#1116)
114. Correct Options->AIS CPA/TCPA warning checkbox logic (FS#965)
115. Improve GRIB PlugIn UI elements, etc (FS#1146, FS#1095) Thanks, Ptizef
116. Improve route leg popup info window dynamics under Windows with auto-follow enabled. (FS#1054)
117. Activate AnchorWatch alarm on loss of GPS signal (FS#1106)
118. Correct AIS AtoN name rendering with Extended Shipname fields set. (FS#1115)
119. Correct behavior when receiving AIS alert while iconized (FS#968/998 Redux)
120. Correct armhf data alignment considerations on SENC build.
121. Correct loss of AIS target selectability on receipt of unprocessed AIS message type. (FS#963)
122. Add Options->Connections checkbox for Magnetic bearings on ECAPB output sentence (FS#1151)
123. Refine Options text for CPA/TCPA and DSC/SART sound alerts. (FS#1165)
124. Add shortcut key Ctrl-O to drop mark at ownship, remove "Space" and "Enter" shortcuts. (FS#1136)
125. Improve Mac window management on activation and minimization.

Release 3.3.814  released 2013-08-14
74. Improve S52 symbolization of some features (SLCONS, VEGATN)
75. Correct fault on some ENC National text strings.
76. Modify GPX Waypoint output format to conform to GPX1.1 Schema. Thanks, ChuckSK
77. Correct AIS target rollover SOG units to conform with globally selected speed units (FS#1047)
78. Correct georeferencing on BSB charts during zoom-to-cursor actions in single-chart-mode.
79. Correct behavior on Windows when AIS alert occurs and OCPN is iconized to taskbar (FS#968/998)
80. Correct midnight track restart logic to avoid occasional crash.
81. Correct occasional cm93 loss of Features on display properties change.(FS#1050)
82. Correct reset of route total length on reverse. (FS#1053)
83. Correct linux serial port baud rate setup.
84. Improve position and visibility of MOB tool on toolbar (FS#992)
85. Improve Rollover popup window dynamics (FS#1054)
86. Correct file type specifier mask in GRIB File Dialog.
87. Improve S57 extended light sector rollover algorithm. (FS#1057)
88. Correct cm93 floating detail level slider on Mac OSx.
89. Correct RouteManager Dialog to "stay-on-top" for OSx.
90. Implement Alert Dialog for DSC Distress calls. (FS#1051)
91. Change vector display category "Other" to "All".(FS#1048)
92. Correct Chart Info Widow and Chart Thumbnail on Mac, OpenGL mode.
93. Improve "Busy/Hourglass" cursor dynamics on cm93.
94. Complete implementation of CrashReporting scheme on Windows.

Release 3.3.719  released 2013-07-19
54. Process UCS-2/UTF-16 encoding of ENC attributes NOBJNM, NINFOR and NTXTDS (FS#919)
55. Implement optional display of localized object names on S57 charts. (FS#919)
56. Correct crash on some Dutch ENC's due to bad ENC encoding (FS#1028)
57. Correct Unicode character storage and translation in navobj items.
58. Correct for multiple AIS alert sound instances on linux (FS#1030)
59. Correct Windows Sound test logic.
60. Correct loss of focus on Ctrl-I (FS#1001)
61. Correct for incorrect action on repeated access to Help dialog tab. (FS#1038)
62. Correct Extended light sector display for "obscured" sectors (FS#1039)
63. Correct Mac Route/Waypoint dialog modality hang when called from RouteManagerDialog.
64. Correct Topmark display on cm93/ENC for Mac
65. Correct GPX waypoint http link description field decoding.
66. Correct S57 SENC format for International language feature/attributes (FS#1034)
67. Correct decoding of WAV sound files with "fact" chunks embedded (FS#1037)
68. Correct occasional Route/Waypoint scrambling on MacBook
69. Correct loading of routes/tracks in layers (FS#1040)
70. Fix track color GPX persistency .
71. Improve TCP datastream restartability. (FS#1031)
72. Add AIS AtoN type information to rollover and target query (FS#1041, FS#340)
73. Update to Track Properties Dialog

Release 3.3.604  released 2013-06-04
1. Improve User manual image file structure.
2. Correct FS#975
3. Fix DSC target position calculations near equator. Thanks ChuckSK
4. Correct Dutch localization files.
5. Various large and small refactorings for improved code maintainability Thanks to Mario Konrad
6. Make MOB persistent (FS#979)
7. Update anchor watch sound on sound file change (FS#980)
8. Correct for fault on some unexpected light sector descriptions (FS#974)
9. Improve default directory selection in portable execution mode.
10. Correct PlugIn API 1.9 to export useful georeferencing utility functions.
11. Ensure default AIS and AnchorWatch alarm sounds are defined
12. Force Refresh() after Ctrl-B to ensure screen relayout.
13. Correct S57 Object Query dialog visibility on Mac (FS#988)
14. Correct Mac Info.plist to include bundle name, allowing Force Quit entry.
15. Add red "X" to indicate invisible waypoints in routemanagerdialog.
16. Correct various dialog focus issues on Mac platform.
17. Extend checking and handling of malformed ENC geometry records (FS#995, FS#997)
18. Update HDT watchdog on synthetic HDT events.
19. Correctly update position fix FixTime value sent to PlugIns
20. On Windows, prevent multiple cuncurrent instances of OpenCPN unless using portable (-p) option.
21. Allow export of multiple selected navobjects from the route manager at the same time.
22. In routemanagerdialog, when a route is turned visible, always make all the shared waypoints visible.
23. Make the real size AIS target shape ECDIS spec compliant.
24. Major update the GRIB PlugIn. Thanks to Sean & Jean-Pierre.
25. Correct initial visibility of layer waypoints.
26, Correct duplicate layer waypoint loading to RouteManagerDialog list.
27. Correct potential pan key runaway on long SENC creation.
28. Improve quilt logic regarding ENC cell inclusion criteria (FS#???)
29. Improve serial port read/write logic for better thread safety.
30. Implement Windows semi-automatic Crash Reporting scheme.
31. Correct Windows virtual serial port access methods for XPort bug.
32. Improve S57 ENC processing of non-English character sets
33. Correct ENC cell duplication quilt logic, esp. for ENC_HOLLAND
34. Liberalize quilted S57 ENC cell inclusion logic factor.
35. Implement PlugIn API 1.10 Route/Waypoint management methods.
36. Update PlugIn API 1.10 utility functions
37. Set Minimum Size for AIS Target List (FS#1002)
38. Add simple sound file support to PlugIn API 1.10
39. Correct processing for some poorly formed ENC records, especially Holland 1R5OS005.000
40. Implement pugiXML for improved navobj file performance
41. Implmement command line option to disable OpenGL
42. Implement a hotkey (Ctrl+I) to hide/show GPS status indicator - (FS#1001)
43. Implement the possibility to drop waypoint on the current position of an AIS target
44. Implement (M)ARPA radar targets tracking (TTM and TLL sentences) and AIS-like display
45. Implement optional APRS position report tracking (uses WPL sentence) and AIS-like display (FS#964)
46. Improve track and layer logic to improve performance with large tracks.
47. Improve NavObjChanges logic to avoid potential for infinite fault on restart.
48. Implement a hotkey (Ctrl-N) to activate next waypoint in the active route (FS#1010)
49. Populate the filename of exported navobjects (FS#1005)
50. Implement font color selection on wxGTK (FS#898)
51. Implement configurable OwnshipCOGPredictor width (FS#617) and AIS target GOG predictor width.
52. Implement deletion confirmation in route manager (FS#616)
53. Improve Windows serial port enumeration logic to include Bluetooth SPP ports.























Version 3.2.1 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 1 à 18 :

1. Correct initial visibility of layer waypoints.
2, Correct duplicate layer waypoint loading to RouteManagerDialog list.
3. Correct potential pan key runaway on long SENC creation.
4. Improve quilt logic regarding ENC cell inclusion criteria
5. In routemanagerdialog, when a route is turned visible, always make all the shared waypoints visible.
6. Correct loss of some MAC message box focus in RouteManagerDialog
7. Make MOB persistent (FS#979)
8. Correct S57 Object Query dialog visibility on Mac (FS#988)
9. Correctly update position fix FixTime value sent to PlugIns
10. Update HDT watchdog on synthetic HDT events.
11. Extend checking and handling of malformed ENC geometry records (FS#995, FS#997)
12. Fix DSC target position calculations near equator. Thanks ChuckSK
13. Correct FS#975, Route and Routepoint selection logic.
14. Correct for fault on some unexpected light sector descriptions (FS#974)
15. Correct Mac Info.plist to include bundle name, allowing Force Quit entry.
16. On Windows, prevent multiple cuncurrent instances of OpenCPN unless using portable (-p) option.
17. Correct Mac Toolbar visibility on Docking (FS#976)
18. Improve serial port write logic for better thread safety.

1,2,5...Especially relevant to users employing layers for permanent storage of NavObjects. Please check your favorite test cases.

3. Please check keyboard panning performance, with and without Smooth Panning enabled, on all platforms.

We plan a short but careful Beta test of 3.2.1, focusing upon the items indicated in the changelog, and watching particularly for any regression issues. We hope to Release this Beta as OpenCPN Version 3.2.2 within a couple of weeks, with little fanfare.


Version stable 3.2.2
3.2.2 2013-05-08
This Service Release corrects several small bugs found in the recent 3.2.0 field release.
It incorporates a command line switch to turn off OpenGL completely.

3.2.0 2013-02-27
1. Complete update of user Options dialogs and context menus, incorporating modern graphics and uniform styles.
2. Significantly enhanced navigation instrument input and output options, including extensive network connection capabilities supporting TCP, UDP, and GPSD data sources.
3. New User Interface theme support, with OpenCPN traditional as well as two new low profile themes.
4. Enhanced clipboard support, including interfaces to external KML data sources.
5. Enhanced Tide and Current dataset support, including modern fully binary datasets.
6. Various improvements in the display and tracking of AIS data targets.
7. Automatic Great Circle route generation options.
8. Significant enhancement of the Dashboard PlugIn, including new user interface options and a variety of stylish, new instruments.
9. Improved sound system support for linux hosts.
10. Major update to embedded Users Manual.
11. Measurably improved performance and reliability over all supported platforms.
Version 3.1.1411 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 196 à 200 :
  • 196. Correct Furuno Route/Waypoint upload logic,
    • Amélioration du téléchargement des routes et points de route pour le matériel Furuno.
  • 197. Correct Mac/wx2.9 dialog background colour.
    • Amélioration pour MAC
  • 198. Correct module shutdown sequence, to prevent potential PlugIn crash. (GE2KAP)
    • Amélioration du module de fermeture pour éviter des crahs du aux compléments (plug-in)
  • Language update #531
    • Mise à jour de la langue
  • Final doc update
    • Mise à jour de la documentation

Release 3.1.1411

This is the Final RC. We will smoke test for a few more days, and if nothing critical is found, we Release
Rounding the home stretch now.....
C'est la dernière release candidate, autrement dit la dernière version bêta avant la sortie de la prochaine version stable.
Version 3.1.1417 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 201 à 204 :
  • 201. Update RMD track length after Track->Reduce context action.
    • Mise à jour dans le gestionnaire de trace en cas de réduction du nombre de points de trace.
  • 202. Language Update #533
    • Mise à jour du fichier de langue
  • 203. Correct Furuno GPS Route Upload protocol
    • Amélioration concernant le protocole de chargement pour le matériel Furuno
  • 204. Correct Datastream TCP server mode logic.
    • Amélioration du processus du protocole TCP.
Release 3.1.1417

Well, I was hoping that we would not need to do this, but here is another Release Candidate.

203. Extra space added for Furuno GPS upload
204. Please regression test all possible permutations of Datastream Network support (UDP, TCP, and GPSD). There was some new code added to properly support TCP server side connections. Could never have worked in 3.1.1411...

Très probablement la dernière version bêta avant la prochaine version stable.
Version 3.1.1411 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 196 à 200 :
  • 196. Correct Furuno Route/Waypoint upload logic,
    • Amélioration du téléchargement des routes et points de route pour le matériel Furuno.
  • 197. Correct Mac/wx2.9 dialog background colour.
    • Amélioration pour MAC
  • 198. Correct module shutdown sequence, to prevent potential PlugIn crash. (GE2KAP)
    • Amélioration du module de fermeture pour éviter des crahs du aux compléments (plug-in)
  • Language update #531
    • Mise à jour de la langue
  • Final doc update
    • Mise à jour de la documentation

Release 3.1.1411

This is the Final RC. We will smoke test for a few more days, and if nothing critical is found, we Release
Rounding the home stretch now.....
C'est la dernière release candidate, autrement dit la dernière version bêta avant la sortie de la prochaine version stable.
Version 3.1.1405 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 183 à 195 :

Changelog :

  • 183. Update some translatable strings
    • Mise à jour du fichier de langue
  • 184. Improve Dashboard graphics for linux systems
    • Amélioration pour Linux, de l'affichage du dashboard
  • 185. Correct Route/Waypoint upload timing logic.
  • 186. Implement NMEA0183 APB sentence for autopilot output.
    • Prise en compte des phrases NMEA de type APB à destination des pilotes automatiques
  • 187. Improve performance of "Export all visible" objects.
    • Amélioration du fonctionnement du bouton "Exporter tout ce qui est visible ..."
  • 188. Deactivate some controls ("Delete All") on multiobject selection in RMD
    • Masquage de du bouton "Supprimer tout" dans le cas de la sélection de plusieurs objets
  • 189. Add Garmin Host Mode status to auto-upgrade of connections parameters.
    • Adjonction d'un mode Hôte Garmin pour les paramètres de connection
  • 190. Dashboard depth: Use DPT rather than DBT for depth ; add transducer offset to depth value if available.
    • Profondeur dans les tableau de bord : Utilisation dela donnée DPT plutôt que DBT pour la profondeur.
  • 191. Remove update of magnetic heading and variation on processing of AIVDO messages.
    • Suppression de la mise à jour du cap magnétique et de la variation dans les phrases NMEA de type AIVDO.
  • 192. Improve Garmin serial port usability.
    • Amélioration de l'utilisation des port série pour Garmin
  • 193. Add Progress bars to some potentially long GPX and track operations.
    • Adjonction d'une barre de progression lors de la suppression et/ou de l'exportation dans le cas de fichier gpx de grande taille.
  • 194. Correct update of Satellites in View instrument.
    • AAmélioration de l'affichage des sattelites vus dans l'instrument ad-hoc du tableau de bord.
  • 195. Documentation update. Thanks, Thomas (cagney)
    • Mise à jour de la documentation. Merci à Thomas Cagney.
Release 3.1.1405


I have no known critical bugs or omissions in this Release Candidate. Nothing that would prevent a comfortable Release. Please remind me if I have missed anything.

Please test heavily, check your Flyspray tasks, and let me know if any previous thread comments/bugs were accidentally overlooked.


Version 3.1.1328 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 168 à 182 :

168. Correct Track start Timestamp calculations.
169. Improve default "Send to GPS" context menu shortcut behavior with no port defined.
170. Increase Tide icon selectable point radius to improve selectability.
171. Implement multi-selection capability for RouteManagerDialog lists, especially "Delete"
172. Remove "Export All" button from RouteManagerDialog
173. Further improve Dashboard text rendering
174. Correct crash on delete Dashboard as parent of Preferences dialog.
175. Implement improved Serial port detection for linux/Mac.
176. Revert #166, libtinyxml dependency. Now at 2.6.2
177. Correct for Mark Info html links with embedded spaces on linux
178. Correct partial hang on Windows when no network interface is available.
179. Correct crash on Mac when large logfile is restarted.
180. Add sorted Datastream priority to options->Connections list.
181. Update some translatable strings.
182. Implement Route Print function. Thanks to "registry" for the patch.

176. If you are running Debian Squeeze and want to install OpenCPN from the distribution.deb package, you will need to install with something like this in order to satisfy install dependencies related to libtinyxml:
$sudo dpkg -i --force-depends opencpn_3.1.1327-1_i386.deb

This is a Release Candidate.
What is left to do:
a. Test the new features of this Beta (169, 171, 177, 180, 182).
b. Regression test everything we can think of, especially Datastream oriented.
c. Complete and submit the last language translation files.
d. Review once more the last few Flyspray issues, either closing or deferring any remaining open tasks.
e. Include final documentation files.
f. Change the Version number, and publish it.

We are down to the final tests for this official release.
...No more feature additions will be entertained.
...Only serious (i.e. crashing or erroneous/dangerous nav information) bugs will be considered.
...No more changes to embedded original English text strings will be entertained.

I plan to let this Candidate sit for at least a week, and try to get some users who might be afraid of the term "Beta" to load and run it. Please help with this idea if you can. Call it a Release Candidate. Tell your friends.
Really, it is ready to go....I think.


Version 3.1.1319 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 152 à 167 :

152. Correct NMEA Debug window output data port strings.
153. Implement conditional build instructions for armhf architecture.
154. Remove some extraneous translatable strings
155. Remove hot-key "R" to toggle vector chart rocks/wrecks display.
156. Correct AIS target CPA graphics if ownship Cog or Sog are undefined.
157. Add cr/lf to incoming TCP datastreams.
158. Add "Send to GPS" to Route context menu.
159. Correct logic for delete of route point when part of invisible route.
160. Correct/enhance ENC rocks/wrecks visibility logic.
161. Correct context menu selections for Active route (FS#948)
162. Implement timeout function for some missing data in Dashboard (FS#937) (FS#950)
163. Implement "Export All Visible" button in RouteManagerDialog
164. Correct extraneous OBSTRN pattern fill on some ENCs (FS#951)
165. Correct chart status bar display for very large chart groups.
166. Relax Debian libtinyxlm dependency to 2.5.3 for Squeeze
167. Improve Dashboard text rendering (FS#???)

Release Beta 3.1.1319


This will be (I hope) the last Beta before a Release Candidate is issued.
Please update and submit your final .po (language) files as available.


Version 3.1.1309 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 129 à 151 :

129. Correct error on consecutive fast serial port write() access.
130. Correct possible serial port read buffer overrun.
131. Correct generic SART target query report.
132. Remove package "libsdl1.2debian" as a dependency for sound.
133. Correct to allow for possible events from deleted datastreams
134. Add Priority change messages to NMEA Debug window
135. Correct Route/Waypoint upload port persistence
136. Set Ownship minumum size (mm) default to 1
137. Remove requirement of active GPS signal for routepoint GPS upload from context menu
138. Allow "Activate" of Routes and Routepoints in layers.
139. Correct Journeyman style pencil icon offset (FS#943)
140. Correct True heading timeout watchdog logic (FS#937)
141. Convert Garmin host mode and Furuno format upload to global options.
142. Correct Dashboard visibility logic persistence.
143. Correct AIVDO processing for invalid lat/lon (FS#935)(FS#936)
144. Improve AIS target query format for n/a fields (FS#934)
145. Correct Options->Charts add/delete/apply logic (FS#944)
146. Correct for build option USE_GARMINHOST=OFF (FS#931)
147. Correct for possible Windows ReadFile() error condition. (FS#947)
148. Correct Mac OSX bahavior on app activate/deactivate (FS#938)
149. Correct shared waypoint visibility selection logic (FS#942)
150. Language update
151. Major update to embedded Users Manual. Many thanks to Thomas (cagney)

Release Beta 3.1.1309


Getting very close to a Release Candidate. We need the final .po translation files now, as I expect no more changes to translatable strings, bar any obvious omissions.

Please take a good close look at the embedded Users Manual. cagney has done an outstanding job of pulling this together. This is by far the best documented Open Source program I have ever seen. What is truly amazing is that the documentation is current with the Beta. Fantastic!

Please check your Flyspray tasks, and close if satisfied.

Version 3.1.1224 :
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 115 à 128 :
  • 115. Correct to allow linux /dev/ttyUSB0 access.
    • Correction pour permettre sous linux un acces /dev/ttyUSB0
  • 116. Correct auto-upgrade of "AIS Port (Shared)" to 3.2 Connections architecture
    • Correction relative au partage des ports sous AIS
  • 117. Correct GPS upload port persistence to include manually entered ports.
    • Correction relative au connexion
  • 118. Correct Windows serial port write performance bottleneck.
    • Correction fonctionnement des connexions pour les ports séries
  • 119. Correct AIS extended name field update. (FS#886)
    • Correction du nom des champs AIS
  • 120. Implement portaudio sound library support for linux.
    • Implémentation de la librairie relative aux sons pour Linux.
  • 121. Correct Dashboard datastream interface.
    • Correction dans le fonctionnement du dashboard.
  • 122. Improve AIS Icons and console background for Journeyman styles.
    • Amélioration de l'affichage et du fonctionnement de l'icône "AIS" dans le modèle Journeyman de la barre d'icônes
  • 123. Correct for non-conformance of Xport to Windows API.
    • Correction pour utilisation de Xport
  • 124. Correct UDP output port to be ephemeral (FS#908)
    • Correction du fonctionnement des connexions de type réseau UDP
  • 125. Add WindHistory instrument to Dashboard. Thanks to Thomas Rauch.
    • Ajout d'un instrument dans le dashboard
  • 126. Implement AIVDO processing for Dashboard.
    • Implémentation l'utilisation des données de type AIVDO dans le Dasboard
  • 127. Update language files
    • Mise à jour du fichier de langue
  • 128. Implement focused context menus for immutable layer objects (FS#576)
    • Implémentation des menus contextuels pour les couches (permanentes ou temporaires)

Version 3.1.1220
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 92 à 115 :
  • 92. Correct symbolization of BOYSPP in simplified mode.
    • Correction symbolisation des bouées SPP en mode simplifié
  • 93. Correct Rollover box font sizing logic.
    • Correction de la taille de la boite de rollover
  • 94. Correct Mac initial dialog invocation order.
    • Correction pour MAC, dialogue initial
  • 95. Correct missing AIS Target focused context menu.
    • Correction de l'oubli concernant une commande AIS dans les menus contextuels
  • 96. Convert Windows serial port input to non-overlapping as experiment to increase reliability.

  • 97. Correct UDP receive fault with unspecified port number (FS#922)

  • 98. Improve default directory selection for Parallel install Upgrades on Windows.
    • Correction du dossier d'installation parallèle lors d'une mise à jour sous Windows
  • 99. Improve Datastream intra-thread message reliability.
  • 100. Correct SingleChartMode group select logic for "sticky" Chart.
  • 101. Improve AIS Toolbar icon display rules.
  • 102. Make last GPS upload port persistent.
  • 103. Correct AIS ATON Extended Name behavior (FS#886) 
  • 104. Correct AIS Msg24 handling with respect to Class (FS#902)
  • 105. Correct some translatable strings, e.g. "In, Out"
    • Correction de certains items du fichier général de langue ("In" et "Out")
  • 106. Re-enable RoutePoint context menu (FS#926)
    • Correction du menu contextuel de la fonction "Route"
  • 107. Allow NMEA message echo back to received port.
  • 108. Improve Dashboard PlugIn instrument label rendering for small fonts.
  • 109. Improve AIS Area Notice Query display. Thanks Roland
    • Adjonction des items correspondant aux messages de zone en AIS
  • 110. Correct quilted raster course-up mode calculations.
  • 111. Allow "zero" for Course-Up mode average display period.
  • 112. Add "Enable/Disable" checkbox for individual datastreams in options->Connections.
    • Ajout d'une colonne "Permettre" pour chaque connection, dans l'onglet "Connexions" de la "Boite à outils"
  • 113. Correct parsing of NMEA0183 Ver 2.3 RMC message
  • 114. Improve language around datastream filter definitions and content.
    • Amélioration des items dans le fichier de langue concerant les filtres et leurs contenus.
  • 115. Correct Dashboard layout persistence on upgrade.

Release Beta 3.1.1220

96. This may be the silver bullet that fixes Prolific USB-Serial adapters on Win7/64. So far, my local testing has been flawless. Please hit this configuration hard if you have Win7 and a Prolific USB device. This also relates directly to the BU-353 GPS hockey puck. If you experience a drop-out failure that does not reconnect automatically, please make note of your Prolific driver version, as listed in the Windows Device Manager. This will be important.


Version 3.1.1206
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 72 à 91 :

72. Implement support for transponder AIVDO (ownship) messages.
72. Correct gpsd interface for some devices, namely BU353
73. Correct occasional crash with BSB charts due to sparse areal coverage.
74. Ensure that tide/current selections always appear in context menu if present (FS#918)
75. Correct initial state of NMEA Debug Window pause button.
76. Improve formatting of Rollover Windows (FS#901)
77. Allow blank address field for UDP input datastream, meaning INADDR_ANY (FS#900)
78. Improve Toolbar Tooltips for AIS button
79. Improve RouteManager Toggle Visibility logic for shared waypoints.
80. Correct Route/Track/Waypoint DeleteAll logic with some items invisible.
81. Improve route manager dialog Track/Route visibility indicator (eye). Thanks Happy, Fabbian, and Bob
82. Correct cm93 partial dataset coverage logic, esp. western hemisphere.
83. Correct AIS Target list sorting logic. (FS#905)
84. Implement Garmin PVT mode GPS receiver input logic.
85. Language update, everything received after 05 November, 2012.
86. Re-enable Garmin USB device support under Windows.
87. Resolve ambiguity with "Port" for internationalization.
88. Force Class B AIS targets to have undefined NavStatus on receipt of Msg18 (FS#905)
89. Correct tide/current calculations around year-end boundary.
90. Add AIS message types to port filters.
91. Correct Mac window parentage relationships. (FS#863)

Release Beta 3.1.1206

Thanks to the generous contributions to our Donations program, the project has acquired a somewhat battered but serviceable Macintosh development platform. I am happy to report that OpenCPN for Mac lives on

Thanks for your continued testing support!


Version 3.1.1105
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 56 à 71 :
  • 56. Add "A" hotkey for ENC anchor details. Thanks to nkiesel
    • Ajout d'un raccourcis clavier "A" relatif au
  • 57. Improve AIS icons for vessel NUC, anchored, RAM, etc. Thanks jesperwe
    • Amélioration des icones des cibles AIS
  • 58. Correct message text in GRIB PlugIn.(FS#888)
    • Correction d'un message dans le complément "Grib"
  • 59. Restructure Context Menus to "Focused Context Menus" JesperWe
    • Restructuration des menus contextuels
  • 60. Extend cm93 coverage to 80 degrees N.
    • Extension de l'affichage des CM93 jusqu'à 80°N
  • 61. Enable full object query for locations with S57 ENC overlay cells
    • ???
  • 62. Implement ownship sizing dialog, including GPS receiver offsets.
    • Mise en place d'un d'affichage de l'icône du bateau, tenant compte de la taille du bateau et de la position de l'antenne GPS sur le bateau
  • 63. Complete redesign of Dashboard PlugIn graphics. Thanks, sethdart.
    • Redéfinition de l'aspect de certains instruments dans le "Tableau de bord"
  • 64. Implement new intelligent dynamic tracking algorithm.
    • Mise en place d'un nouvel algorithme pour relever la trace du bateau
  • 65. Correct AIS target rendering on skewed raster charts.
    • Correction du rendu des cibles sur les cartes rasters assymétriques.
  • 66. Implement new DataSources architecture.
    • Mise en place d'une nouvelle architecture pour les sources de données externes (marées et courants)
  • 67. Expand PlugIn API Version 1.9 to include some useful cartographic functions
    • Extension de "PlugIn API Version 1.9" pour ajouter certaines fonctions cartographiques
  • 68. Render Euro Inland AIS targets with slightly different color ("Teal")
    • Gestion des couleurs de certaines cibles AIS des eaux intérieures
  • 69. Add ConfirmObjectDeletion checkbox to Options->User Interface.
    • Ajout d'une question pour sécuriser la suppression d'une route ou d'une trace
  • 70. Convert OpenGL structure to new (wx2.9+) format.
    • Evolution de l'utilisation de OpenGL
  • 71. Add basic support for Mac Retina display (FS#868)
    • Ajout de format pour "Mac retina"
  • 59. New Context menu structure, requiring no complicated two-step pull-downs.
    • Simplification de du fonctionnement des menus contextuels sans avoir deux étapes.
  • 60. For those needing cm93 coverage to =/- 80 latitude, this will require a manual database rebuild.
    • Il faudra reconstrustruire la base de données pour les cm93
  • 61. Test on Austrian ENCs, Edition 5
    • test effectué avec les nouvelles cartes ENCs, edition 5
  • 63. Check this out. Very nice and modern looking new graphics on Dashboard.
    • Look moderne dans le dashboard
  • 66. This is the big one for this Beta, and for 3.2. Complete redesign of NMEA message handling structure, including a new GUI and monitor window. This new scheme provides extensive NMEA management capabilities, including:
    -Input message filtering, by TALKER ID and/or message type.
    -Virtually unlimited input port multiplexing, with shared I/O and individual data rate settings.
    -Selective message echo capability, similar to third-party mux applications.
    -Programmable output port messages, for e.g. autopilot interfaces.
    -Full Network input and output, including TCP, UDP, and GPSD services.
    -GPSD client support for Windows platforms.
    • C'est l'apport essentiel de cette version pour la future V 3.2. Une refonte complète de la création des connexions avec une nouvelle interface utilisateur. Cette nouvelle interface inclut :
      • - La possibilité de trier les phrases NMEA en fonction de la'ppareil qui les crée
      • - la possibilité théorique d'une infinités de ports différents en entrée et en sortie.
      • - la possibilité de sélectionner les pharses NMEA manipulées
      • - Utilisation du net avec les protocole TCP, UDP et GPSD
      • - Utilisation des client GPSD pour la windows
Après un intervalle un peu long .....  OpenCPN Version 3.1 Beta Build 1105 est disponible pour le téléchargement à partir

Le code source est disponible sur github à l'adresse:
Direction: beta31_stable

Des modifications :

Le point essentiel, à garder à l'esprit, avec cette nouvelle version, en ce qui concerne les connexions avec l'extérieur, qu'il s'agisse de connexion à un réseau avec le protocole TCP ou le protocole UDP, ou à un réseau NMEA, est que que vous travaillez avec l'intégralité des sourc es de messages. Tous les messages vont et viennent à l'intérieur d'openCPN sur un "bus", et tous les modules internes ont accès à tous les messages. Les messages ne peuvent être reçus, et éventuellement retransmis qu'en fonction de la configuration établie. Et pour chaque message, OpenCPN fera ce qu'il faut faire avec sans que l'utilisateur ait à y prêter attention. Par exemple, s'il s'agit d'un message AIS, le module AIS obtiendra le message et agira en conséquence. de même les plug-in pourront exploiter tous les messages.

La nouvelle interface utilisateur pour l'établissement des connexions peut être intimidante pour les nouveaux utilisateurs.
Les remarques seront les bienvenues à ce sujet et en particulier concernant les boîtes de dialogue

Comme une aide au démarrage de versions suivants relatifs, OpenCPN fera naturellement la mise à niveau de la configuration pour ceux qui parte d'une version antérieure. S'il vous plaît prenez note de tous les problèmes que vous voyez dans cette version  et alerter nous à ce sujet.

Situation générale:
Nous sommes très près de "geler" les évolutions pour la version OpenCPN 3.2.

Comme vous pouvez le comprendre, il y a un grand nombre de nouveaux messages traduisibles dans le fichier général de langue. Nous allons commencer à intégrer les nouvelles traductions sur la prochaine version bêta.

Remerciements particuliers à Jesperwe, Sethdart et Nohal pour leurs énormes contributions à cette version bêta. C'est vraiment incroyable ce qui peut arriver quand nous quadruplons nos ressources de développement.




Version 3.1.915 et 3.1.919
Fils à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 44 à 53 dans la version 915 et 54 et 55 dans la version 919

  • 44  Correct cursor images for wxWidgets 2.8.10
    • Corriger les images du curseur pour wxWidgets 2.8.10
  • 45  Improve Status Bar readability across screen sizes.
    • Améliorer la lisibilité de la barre d'état pour différentes tailles d'écran.
  • 46  Allow user to set the visibility of shared WPTs independently
    • Autoriser l'utilisateur à définir la visibilité des WPT partagés indépendamment
  • 47  Extend S57 Light Sectors on mouse over.
    • Étendre S57 la présentation des secteurs des feux lors du survol avec la souris.
  • 48  Correct for small scale ENC "NoCoverage" regions in quilting.
    • Corriger l'affichage, pour les petits échelles des cartes ENC .
  • 49  Rework Canvas popup menu for better organization.
    • Mise en oeuvre de la nouvelle présentation des menus contextuels
  • 50  Add new instruments to Dashboard PlugIn.
    • Ajout de nouveaux instruments dans le complément "Tableau de bord".
  • 51  Implement new layout of Options dialog
    • Mettre en œuvre la nouvelle "Boite à outils".
  • 52  Improve Furuno route upload logic
    • Améliorer la logique dans le complémpent "Radar".
  • 53  Correct cm93 rotated single chart rendering
    • Corriger le rendu graphique des CM93.
  • 54  Correct crash on Options dialog invocation.
    • Correction de crash lors de la mise en place des options dans la version 915
  • 55  Correct typo in CMake Mac build instructions to include styles in bundle.
    • Corrigez faute de frappe dans les instructions de compilation CMake Mac.
Release Notes (3.1.915):
  • 48. This change required an update in the OpenCPN binary database format. Consequently, the database will be automatically rebuilt upon the first invocation of OpenCPN 3.1.915. Do not be alarmed....
    • 48. Ce changement a nécessité une mise à jour dans le format de la base de données binaire. Par conséquent, la base de données sera automatiquement reconstruite à ​​la première invocation de OpenCPN 3.1.915. Ne vous inquiétez pas ....
  • 49. New Popup context menu structure, grouping items into sub-menus to avoid screen crowding. Comments welcome.
    • Nouvelle structure Popup des menus contextuels, regroupés en sous-menus pour réduire l'encombrement de l'écran. Commentaires sont les bienvenus.
  • 51. A Big Deal! Thanks to Sethdart and Jesperwe for pulling this together. We look forward to your critical comments as we refine the new Options look. (btw, no longer called "Toolbox", now called "Options")
    • A Big Deal! Merci à Sethdart et Jesperwe d'avoir tiré cela en commun. Nous nous réjouissons de vos commentaires critiques pour que nous affinions cette nouvelles "Boite à outils". (qui d'ailleurs, ne s'appelle plus «Boîte à outils», mais «Options»)
  • 52. Furuno GPS users take note. This change allows a numeric, two digit OpenCPN route name (e.g. 10, 21, etc) to be utilized as the route number contained within the NMEA sentences uploaded to the GPS receiver.
    • Utilisateur de GPS Furuno prenez en note. Ce changement permet, grace à un code numérique à deux chiffres associé aux routes, (par exemple 10, 21, etc) de faciliter le chargement des phrases NMEA sur le GPS.
  • Dave travaille encore sur la mise à jour des flux de donnéesmulti-sources NMEA . Vous devriez voir ceci dans la prochaine version bêta.
Beta Release notes (3.1.919) :
  • Cette rapide Beta n'est faite que pour corriger des plantages aléatoires. Désolé pour le glitch


Bug et problèmes signalés :
Fichier de langues :
  • Le fichier de langue, en français, pour cette version est disponible  sur cette page : DT_62
Version 3.1.814
Fil à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 28 à 43

  • 28. Correct for multiple tide/current dataset loading.
    • Correction du mode de chargement des données externes de marées et courants
  • 29. Implement automatic/dynamic Great Circle route creation.
    • Implémentation de la création automatique de grande route orthodromique
  • 30. Correct rotated WorldChart rendering.
    • Amélioration du rendu des cartes mondiales
  • 31. Implement multiple partial cm93 dataset support.
    • Implémentation du support des cartes CM93 partielle
  • 32. Implement enhanced Copy/Paste operations for KML objects.
    • Implémentation du copier/coller pour les objets KML
  • 33. Implement specific interface to/from QtVlm sailing route optimizer.
    • Mise en œuvre de l'interface spécifique avec QtVlm
  • 34. Change GPX Waypoint export policy to include points in routes as unique items.
    • Modification du mode d'exportation GPX des waypoint des routes.
  • 35 Add UI dialog to allow user selection of MOB icon visibility.
    • Ajout d'un dialogue permettant au utilisateur de gérer avec sécurité la visibilité de l'icône MOB de la barre d'icônes.
  • 36. Improve SingleChartMode pan/zoom dynamics
    • Amélioration de la gestion de la vue panoramique/zoom d'une carte seule.
  • 37. Various UI enhancements.
    • Diverses améliorations dans l'interface utilisateur
  • 38. Implement "confirm" dialog for deletion of shared waypoints.
    • Implémentation d'un dialogue de "confirmation" lors de la suppression de waypoint partagés.
  • 39. Implement Undo/Redo function (ctrl-Z, ctrl-Y) for waypoint create/move/delete
    • Implémentation d'une fonction de mémorisation des waypoint et marques avec fonction "Défaire/Refaire" pour la création, le déplacement et la suppression de waypoint et marques
    • Implémentation de deux raccourcis clavier Ctrl Z/Ctrl Y pour "Défaire/Refaire"
  • 40. Correct invisible track segment context menu selection ability. (FS#866)
    • Correction menus contextuels concernant les traces.
  • 41. Implement chart printing for OpenGL (FS#846)
    • Implémentation de l'impression des cartes en mode OpenGL
  • 42. Add HotKey (ctrl-B) for chart selector bar visibility.
    • Ajout d'un raccourcis clavier pour masquer/démasquer la barre de cartes en bas de l'écran.
  • 42. Revamp right click context menu for charts to add sub-menus.
    • Remise à plat totale de la façon d'afficher les menus contextuels
    • Cette transformation des menus contextuels exige une ré-habituation par les utilisateurs.
  • 43. Improve AIS Target Query dialog display format.
    • Amélioration du dialogue concernant les propriétés des cibles AIS
Release Beta 3.1.814
    • Release Notes:
      General: There has been a lot of work involving the various display modes and interaction with the Background chart.
      This may be the most critical item to investigate on this Beta. And, of course, some new UI candy.

      29. Automatic Great Circle route creation. This is fun. Thanks, jesperwe.
      36. Single Chart Mode: Allow greater zoom range, and do not automatically switch to another chart when the selected chart moves away from center-screen. Makes single chart mode less useful for navigation, and more useful for general chart reading.
  • Ndlr : Fonction Défaire/Refaire : 
    • Ceci concerne :
      • Waypoint/marques : La création, le déplacement ou la suppression.
    • Ceci ne concerne pas :
      • Waypoint/marques : Le changement d'icône, le changement de nom, le changement de position dans la fenêtre de propriétés.
      • Route : La création, le déplacement, la suppression, le changement de nom et des caractéristiques dans la fenêtre de propriétés.
      • Trace : La création, la suppression ou le dédoublement ainsi que le changement de nom et des caractéristiques dans la fenêtre de propriétés.
    • La mémorisation empile, les unes après les autres, les modifications, Par conséquent, pour revenir en arrière à une étape particulière, il faut défaire toutes les étapes intermédiaires.
  • Cette fonction "Défaire/refaire" n'est pas forcément très pratique. Mais c'est mieux que rien.



Bug et problèmes signalés :
  • Fonctionnement de l'icône de WMM  non résolu.
  • Affichage de l'icône du complément "FindIt" non résolu.
  • Ctrl B ne fonctionne qu'une fois. il faut alors déplacer la carte pour que Ctrl B fonctionne à nouveau. ----> Correction annoncée dans la prochaine version.
Fichier de langues :
  • Le fichier de langue, en français, pour cette version est disponible  sur cette page : DT_62
Version 3.1.802
Fil à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 9 à 27
  • 09. Improve Tide/Current manager and Toolbox UI to allow multiple concurrent HARMONIC datasets.
    • Améliorer le gestionnaire de marées actuel, dans la "Boite à outils", pour afficher plusieurs fichiers harmoniques simultanément.
  • 10. Implement Toolbar icon visibility selector dialog. jesperwe
    • Adjonction d'un menu contextuel pour afficher ou cacher chaque icône de la barres d'icônes (sans lui enlever ses fonctions). jesperwe
      • Dans la version actuelle, il restera au moins une icône pour pouvoir afficher toutes autres autres à nouveau.
      • Un débat a lieu concernant l'icône MOB. Son importance, dans la sécurité instantanée, plaide pour qu'elle ne soit pas masquée.
  • 11. Correct some PlugIn toolbar icon crashes, WMM PlugIn especially.
    • Correction de quelques plantages des plugins, en particulier WMM.
  • 12. Show ownship COG and HDT vectors when zoomed out (FS#842)
    • Afficher le cap et le vecteur HDT suivi par le bateau de l'utilisateur (FS # 842)
  • 13. Set Traditional display style as default for upgrades and new installs.
    • Définir le style d'affichage traditionnel comme affichage par défaut pour les mises à jour et les nouvelles installations.
  • 14. Extend implementation of PlugIn message scheme.
    • Étendre la mise en œuvre du mode d'affichage des messages des PlugIn (homogénéisation de la méthode).
  • 15. Allow wmm_pi PlugIn to supply magnetic variation to system if there is no other valid source.
    • Permettre au plug-in wmm de fournir la variation magnétique au système s'il n'y a pas d'autre source valide.
  • 16. Correct handling of UNKNOWN BSB chart projections
    • Corriger la manipulation des cartes BSB ayant certaines caractéristiques mal définies.
  • 17. Add build rules for gentoo linux (FS#853)
    • Ajouter les règles de construction pour Gentoo Linux (FS # 853)
  • 18. Implement copy/paste of lat/lon from Waypoint Properties and JumptToPosition dialogs. JesperWe
    • Mettre en œuvre un copier / coller de latitude / longitude à partir des propriétés des waypoints et pour le menu contextuel "Aller à la position ...". JesperWe
  • 19. Implement double-click query for waypoints, routes, and tracks. JesperWe
    • Ouverture du gestionnaire ad-hoc par double clic sur un waypoint, une route ou une trace. JesperWe
  • 20. Implement optional display of AIS target true dimensions.
    • Mettre en œuvre l'affichage facultatif des dimensions réelles, des cibles AIS, en fonction de l'échelle de la carte.
  • 21. Implement Binary (.tcd) tide/current database support.
    • Mise en œuvre de l'affichage des marées et des courants avec la nouvelle méthode de choix des fichiers de données (. Tcd)
  • 22. Improve UI for very small scale viewports.
    • Améliorer l'interface utilisateur pour les cartes à très petite échelle.
  • 23. Implement new World Chart as small scale background.
  • 24. Set default file name for GPX Route export.
    • Définir le nom de fichier par défaut pour l'exportation de route au format GPX.
  • 25. Correct fault with creating route with existing waypoint nearby.
    • Corriger des anomalies lors de la création de route avec waypoint existants à proximité.
  • 26. Correct handling of some S57 ENCs with ISO8559 characters embedded.
    • Corriger l'affichage de certaines  cartes de type ENC S57 en tenant compte de la norme  ISO8559.
  • 27. Improve tide/current extended dialog display
    • Améliorer le dialogue lors de l'affichage des marées et courants.

  • Release Beta 3.1.802

  • 21.
    • This needs extensive testing. The binary (tcd) tide/current datasets are the most modern and theoretically accurate sources of data. We need to compare the results using the new tcd files against the results available from the existing .IDX harmonic files. The easiest way to do this is to run two concurrent sessions of OpenCPN, one in portable mode, with one using old .IDX data, and one using tcd data. Even better would be to run version 3.0.2 as portable, and compare with 3.1.802 using tcd data. This will test both the tcd files as well as the new internal data structures of O.
    • If you have particular online sources for tcd data, please share them here.
    • Ceci nécessitera de nombreux essais. Les nouvelles données binaires (TCD) relative aux marées sont les sources les plus modernes et théoriquement exactes des données. Nous avons besoin de comparer les résultats en utilisant les nouveaux fichiers tcd par comparaison aux résultats disponibles à partir des anciens fichiers existants.
      • La meilleure façon de faire cela est de lancer deux sessions simultanées de OpenCPN, l'un en mode portable, l'autre en mode stable. Encore mieux serait de lancer la version 3.0.2 comme portable, et de comparer avec l'aide de données tcd 3.1.802. Cela permettra de tester les deux fichiers les tcd ainsi que les nouvelles structures de données internes de O.
    • Si vous avez particulier les sources de données en ligne pour tcd, s'il vous plaît de les partager ici.
  • 23. Source builders note: You must install OpenCPN once to establish the necessary data files to support the World Chart
    • model. This is automatically done by the retail Windows installer.
    • Vous devez installer OpenCPN une fois pour établir des fichiers de données nécessaires pour utiliser le modèle de carte mondiale. Cela se fait automatiquement par l'installateur de détail de Windows.

  • 26. If you are seeing unprintable characters in some non-US S57 ENCs, you will need this fix. Delete the associated SENC files to have then automatically rebuilt.
    • Si vous voyez des caractères non-imprimables dans certains S57 non les États-Unis ENC, vous aurez besoin de ce correctif.
    • Supprimer les fichiers associés SENC avoir alors automatiquement reconstruites.

Quelques commentaires complémentaires dus à Jesper We:

  • 18. Implement copy/paste of lat/lon from Waypoint Properties and JumptToPosition dialogs.
    • A Copy will copy lat + long in the format currently set in the Settings.
      A Paste will try to be smart about parsing the format, and accepts *a lot* of different syntaxes. Even the GPX <wpt lat="0.00" long="0.00"> should work.
    • When you open the Jump To... dialog it automatically tries to parse the paste buffer and use the result if it works.
    • Mettre en œuvre un copier / coller de latitude / longitude à partir des propriétés des waypoints et des dialogues JumptToPosition.
    • Une copie sera copiée lat + long dans le format actuellement défini dans les Paramètres.
      Le "collage" donnera des résultats qui devraient être adaptés à l'analyse de la forme, et acceptera * beaucoup * de syntaxes différentes. Même le GPX <wpt lat="0.00" long="0.00"> devrait fonctionner.
    • Lorsque vous la commande "Allez à" ... il essaie automatiquement de coller le contenu.
  • 23. Implement new World Chart as small scale background.
    • The 3 lower resolutions of the Gshhs are included in the install, the higher res files are available at
      The files go in <install_dir>/gshhs
      The <install_dir>wvsdata can be removed.
    • Mettre en œuvre la nouvelle carte mondiale, en toile de fond, à petite échelle.
      • Les résolutions inférieures des GSHHS sont inclus dans l'installation, les fichiers supérieurs résolution sont disponibles à
        Les fichiers vont dans le <dossier_d'installation> / GSHHS
        Le wvsdata peut être retiré du dossier d'installation.
  • 26. Correct handling of some S57 ENCs with ISO8559 characters embedded.
    • The note above is a bit off. Non-US S57 ENCs which had accented characters in strings lost those strings completely before this beta. This means that you will not see any unprintable characters in current charts, you will see nothing at all, as the attributes (like OBJNAM or INFORM) were lost in the conversion previously.

      So any non-english ENC charts where you feel there should be more text with characters like ÿüèåäö etc, delete the converted files and reconvert, and the texts should now be there.
    • Corrigez la manipulation de certaines S57 ENC avec des caractères ISO8559.
      • La note est ci dessus est un peu inadaptée. Certaines cartes S57 ENC comportent des caractères accentués comme "ÿüèåäö". Ces caractères étaient perdus avant cette version bêta. Cela signifie que vous ne voyiez pas certaines propriétés  ou attributs (comme OBJNAM ou informer) avec les versions précédentes d'OpenCPN




Bug et problèmes signalés :
  • Problème avec la marque MOB.  ---> faut il pouvoir la masquer ?
  • Disparition des icônes (affichage) dans le gestionnaire de waypoint après modification d'un waypoint.
  • Mauvais fonctionnement de l'affichage des marées avec cette version. Des erreurs de niveau apparaissent.
Fichier de langues :
Le fichier de langue, en français, pour cette version est disponible  sur cette page : DT_62
Version 3.1.714
Fil à suivre :

Evolutions annoncées : de 1 à 8

  • Changelog
    1. Manual Merge from 3.0.2
    • Possibilité de mettre cette version en parallèle de la version 3.0.2
  • 2. Implement UI Theme support with Traditional and two new themes. Thanks, Jesperwe!
    • Trois nouvelles barres d'icônes sont proposées.
    • A cette occasion, l'onglet "Langues/polices" de la "Boite à outils" change de nom et devient "Interface utilisateur" ("User interface"
    • Autre nouvelle interessante glanée sur le Cruisers Forum :
      • Le mode de fonctionnement des icônes a été revu
      • OpenCPN pourra, bientôt, fonctionner sur les écrans tactiles
  • 3. Allow user selection of status bar font. jesperwe.
    • Possibilité de choisir la police et la taille des caractères de la barre de statut.
      • Rendez vous dans le nouvel onglet "Interface utilisateur",
      • Dans "Eléments de textes", choisissez "Barre d'état" ("StatusBar"),
      • Faites vos choix,
      • mais l'espace disponible dans la barre de statut ne change pas,
        • c'est la largeur d'écran qui la limite,
      • cela rend cette possibilité peu utilisable sur les petits écrans.
  • 4. Show total route length in route rollover popup. jesperwe
    • La longueur totale d'une route apparait maintenant dans le pop up jaune qui s'affiche lorsqu'on passe la souris sur un segment de la route.
    • La petite faute de frappe dans "Total length" - "Longueur totale", en Français - sera corrigée dans la prochaine version bêta.
  • 5. Implement "copy-to-clipboard" from Route Properties and Tracks dialogs. jesperwe
    • Un nouveau menu contextuel dans la fenêtre du gestionnaire de route.
      • Clic droit sur la ligne d'un waypoint,
      • "Copy all as text" = "Copier tout comme du texte"
      • Le contenu de la fenêtre est copié et utilisable, par collage, dans un logiciel de traitement de texte par exemple.

  • 6. Allow edit of waypoints in Route Properties dialog. jesperwe
    • Nouveau menu contextuel dans la fenêtre du gestionnaire de route
      • Clic droit sur la ligne d'un waypoint
      • "Waypoint properties ..." = "Waypoint : Propriétés ..."
      • La fenêtre de propriété de ce waypoint s'ouvre et il est possible de documenter le waypoint.
  • 7. Add dynamic menu for AIS targets to show/hide CPA line. Thanks tom-r
    • Nouveau menu contextuel, dynamique, concernant l'AIS.
    • Clic droit sur une cible AIS
    • "Show AIS target CPA" = "AIS : Montrer la CPA"
    • Un trait en pointillé apparait et montre le lieu ou aura lieu la CPA
    • Ce trait peut :
      • être caché par un autre menu contextuel nouveau
      • "Hide AIS target CPA" = "AIS : Cacher le lieu ou aura lieu la CPA"
    • Ce trait peut aussi disparaitre automatiquement - (c'est en cela qu'il est dynamique) - si les trajectoires des deux bateaux ne justifient plus l'existence d'un lieu de rencontre.

  • 8. Add CPA/TCPA to AIS Target List Thank tom-r
    • Deux nouvelles colonnes dans la liste des cibles AIS , la CPA et la TCPA, au bout à droite.

  • Release Beta 3.1.714

    2-6. I'll let jesperwe decribe this major update.
    7-8. Similar for tom-r, please.




Bug signalés :
  • Problème avec la marque MOB.  ---> Résolu en version 3.1.802
  • Défaut d'affichage sous le signal du GPS avec OpenGL Off --> Résolu en version 3.1.802
  • Problème d'affichage de l'icône du complément "Radar".
  • Disfonctionnement du plugin "WMM" au niveau de l'icône dans la barre d'icônes
    • Des crash peuvent être observés.
  • Voir le fil dans le cruisers forum.
Fichier de langues :
  • Le fichier de langue, en français, pour cette version est disponible  sur cette page : DT_62
La version stable 3.0.2 :
3.0.2 2012-07-07
This Service Release corrects several small bugs found in the recent 3.0.0 field release.
It incorporates no new features.

3.0.0 2012-06-05
New and Enhanced Features for OpenCPN Version 3.0
1. OpenGL support, for enhanced graphics performance and functionality.
2. Improved ENC object Query interface
3. Portable execution option, allowing easy migration to new systems.
4. Upgrade to wxWidgets 2.8.12.
5. Support ENC Overlay cells.
6. Upgrade gpsd support to Version 2.96
7. Implement enhanced PlugIn system, enabling a wide variety of PlugIn types.
8. Implement DSC and GPS_Gate Buddy tracking.
9. Implement user defined Chart Groups.
10. Implement AIS SART transponder display and tracking.
11. Improved ENC object rendering and display.
12. Implement user definable Tide/Current datasets.
13. Full conformance for all platforms, especially including Macintosh OS X.
14. Greatly improved stability on all platforms, as a result of extended Beta testing.
15. Many, many improvements in the basic User Interface, while maintaining the ease-of-use that OpenCPN is widely known for.
La version stable 2.5 :
2.5.0  2011-07-26
1. Per-Cell offset adjustment for cm93 charts
2. Transverse Mercator chart quilting.
3. Selectable full screen quilting option.
4. Configurable lat/lon gid lines.
5. Variable screen dimmer function.
6. Improved Tide/Current information window.
7. Configurable "Layers" function, enabling selectable display of fixed objects.
8. Improved and extended AIS functions, including
a. Euro Inland support
b. Base Stations and ATONs
9. Selectable FullScreen display mode.
10. Integrated Route Planner function, with Tide table support.
11. Enhanced GUI functions, with floating transparent Toolbar.
12. Several new language options.
13. Improved internal memory management.
14. Improved Autopilot output support.
15. New Multi-leg Measurement tool.
16. Improved Vector chart symbology.
17. Improved integrated Tide/Current data accuracy.
18. Improved Route definition interface, including selectable Route colors.
19. Full conformance for all platforms, especially including Macintosh OS X.
20. Greatly improved staility on all platforms, as a result of extended Beta testing.
21. Many, many improvements in the basic User Interface, while maintaining the ease-of-use that OpenCPN is widely known for.
2.3.1 2010-12-31
1. Correct logic regarding ownship AIS messages (AIVDO)
2. Correct fault closing AIStarget list with target query dialog open (FS#310)
3. Correct occasional geolocation problem with routes on BSB chart switch.
4. Improve Toolbar refresh logic.
5. Increase maximum chart stack size from 20 to 30. (FS#316)
6. Correct GoTo waypoint and subsequent route delete logic. (FS#244)
7. Various language file updates.
8. Correct Depth unit display for quilted charts, with non-english language setting.
9. Correct Win7 Garmin USB Device interface reset in User Mode.
10. Correct Windows vc redistributable installation command in NSIS script.
2.3.0 2010-12-18
1. Integrated PlugIn architecture, allowing third-party development and deployment of auxiliary features.
2. Two useful PlugIns available immediately:
Graphical overlay of GRIB (weather)file data
Dashboard for configurable on-screen display of ship's NMEA data.
3 Enhanced Route, Track, and Waypoint management functions by selectable dialog.
4. Many new languages added to basic package, including:
5. Support Garmin Host mode Route and Waypoint interchange and upload to remote GPS receivers.
6. Advanced internationalized Windows Program Installer.
7. Full support for North-up and Course-Up display of all chart types.
8. Expanded AIS target message decoding to include European Inland AIS specifications.
9. AIS Target List Dialog, allowing easy selection and monitoring of all active AIS targets.
10. Many, many improvements in the basic User Interface, while maintaining the ease-of-use that
La version stable 2.1.0 :

-BSBv3 raster and S57 ENC chart support.
-CM93 vector chart support.
-IHO S52 compliant display of S57 vector charts.
-Single-chart and Quilted display modes.
-North-up and Course-up display modes.
-Moving-map display mode.
-Route navigation with ship tracking functions.
-Waypoint navigation.
-NMEA 0183 GPS interface at selectable baud rate.
-gpsd library support.
-Autopilot output support.
-AIS input with full target tracking and collision alerting.
-Anchor watch/alarm functions.
-GRIB file input and display for weather forecasting.
-GPX Waypoint and Route input and output file support.
-Tide and Current prediction and display by location.
-Multi-language support.
-linux and Windows compatible.
La version stable 1.3.6, première version stable utilisable en navigation :
1.3.6 2010-01-07
1. Add basic GRIB file decoding and chart overlay display.
2. Improve and expand NMEA message type support.
3. Improved documentation.
4. Add modular international language support.
5. Assorted usability and reliability improvements.

1.3.4 2009-10-01
1.  Ship's position tracking function, with GPX export and import.
2.  Enhanced icons and screen graphics, for improved visibility.
3.  Import and export of Routes using GPX interface protocol.
4.  Implement CM93 vector chart detail control slider.
5.  Assorted usability and reliability improvements.
1.3.2 2009-07-11
1. Improved AIS target depiction and collision detection alerts.
2. Hot keys and scroll mouse support.
3. Help File.
4. Various display speed and quality optimizations, especially for CM93 charts.

1.3.0 2009-05-09
1. CM93 worldwide vector chart support, with automatic chart scaling.
2. Improved AIS target tracking with configurable CPA/collision warning options.
3. GPX compatible waypoint and route exporting tools.
4. Configurable range rings centered on ownship position.
5. And, as usual, miscellaneous bug fixes and user optimizations.
1.2.8 2008-12-25
Mac OS X Support, including installable application bundle (OpenCPN.dmg), GNU/gcc compatible system build files, and XCode project files.
Garmin USB GPS device support for Windows platforms.
Miscellaneous bug fixes and user optimizations.

1.2.6 2008-08-31
This is a maintenance and feature update release,
containing some S57 ENC symbology improvements,
greater compliance with IHO S52 standards, and various enhancements and
bug fixes. Especially interesting are the DUSK and NIGHT display modes,
for which user feedback is highly desired....
1.2.4 2008-04-20
Configure/build modifications for Unicode systems, especially Ubuntu.
Added Route and Mark property sheets.
Improved S57 ENC symbology

1.2.2 2008-01-02
Improved AIS symbology and diagnostics, including RateOfTurn indication.
Improved toolbar icon symbology, supporting day/dusk/dark color schemes.
Rationalized home directory selection for Windows, allowing program installation in
arbitrary directory/folder.
Improved accuaracy of Great Circle distance/bearing calculations.
Optional Depth Units displayable on chart as embossed character image.
Ownship position indicator on thumbnail charts accurately follow true GPS position.
1.2.0 2007-04-20
  Opencpn was built with the following objectives in mind.

    i.   Intended use as primary navigation interface for vessels
         with full-time helm-visible navigational suites.
         Other tools may be better for offline route planning, tide
         and current prediction, online logging, etc.
    ii.  Quick startup and shutdown.
    iii. Those and only those toolbar buttons really needed for
         daily operation.
    iv.  Portability, thus wxWidgets core components.  Currently
         tested and in production use on W98, XP, and Linux.
    v.   Conventional ( i.e. popular and modern ) chart format
         support.  In the real world, this means BSB format raster
         charts, and S57ENC format vector charts.
Et avant ?
Le site web indique que la première version publique d'OpenCPn est sortie le 20 avril 2007.
Il faut remonter le temps ... par exemple dans le Cruisers Forum pour trouver des informations ....  Le tout premier fil repéré sur le web est celui ci, de mars 2008 :

Le premier post de Dave S Register disait ceci :

Hello All...

I'm Dave, the author of OpenCPN.

I'm sorry some have had trouble with installing and using the program.
It is still in active development, with lots of known and unknown bugs.
We try not to release a version that crashes or hangs up under "normal"
use, but obviously you have had problems.

We are seriously looking for active users willing to provide specific feedback on installation and usage problems. Specific bugs can be corrected in days, usually. Please contact me on or off-list if you would like to help.

We are committed to bringing OpenCPN up to world-class standard. The object is not to displace the many fine commercial products available, but to enable a viable Open Source alternative usable by real cruisers. OpenCPN will never be (and can never be) a commercial product.

Personal note: Just returned from annual winter Bahamas cruise. I'm in culture shock at Palm Beach, FL. Back in the developement saddle now. We are full-time cruisers with frequent WiFi  communications.

Et le second post ....
Current OpenCPN Version   
OpenCPN Version 1.2.2 is current.
Here is a link: Files
(Ndlr : Aujour'hui, ce même lien pointe sur la dernière version stable d'OpenCPN (3.2.2 au 07/02/2014)

The previous version, 1.2.0, had problems similar to those reported by Pblais.

Also, any info on Operating System (98/XP/Vista) would be useful.

Finally, OpenCPN creates a log file as it runs. The contents are especially useful if a crash occurs when loading a specific chart. The log file is in the same folder as opencpn.exe, and is called, imaginatively enough, opencpn.log.

Thanks in advance for all your input and feedback.

Ce premier fil, comporte 90 pages  de mars 2008 à septembre 2009. Jusqu'à ce que trop gros, il provoque le crahs du Cruisers Forum.... Alors, le CF a ouvert un sous forum destiné, en propre, à OpenCPN ....

Et en France ... Qui a découvert OpenCPN ... ?  De mémoire, c'est dans le forum "Café du port", à l'automne 2009, sous la plume d'un matelot dont le pseudo était "Fleur de sel",  que le sujet est apparu chez STW.

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